NFR I like the limerick idea...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Jamie Wilson, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. Just sayin'
    It has been done before - like it now. Doesn't have to 'step' on the one word thread.
    How about this...

    "I was joining the non-violent protest" (OS)
  2. where naked girls had words written on their breasts
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  3. That's Haiku, boot!!
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  4. I turned to me pal
  5. and said pardon me Hal
  6. , but I think she misspelled Mount Everest.
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  7. I think that I'm just about ready to jump off the deep end. If you can't fish or talk about it Just think it to yourself. I just pulled out my last hair.
  8. Think of all the bucks you'll save on haircuts!
  9. there once was an old man named Jim,
    Who had pulled the last hair in his chin,
    He would say all the time
    "follow the squiggly blue lines"
    Then he'd take his 4-wheeler for a spin
  10. There was a young man named Boot,
    Who was almost as verbose as Newt.
    He would stay up late at night,
    To amaze us with what he would write,
    Now if only he could do it for loot.
  11. I knew a fly guy from Nantucket
    Carried trout to high lakes in a bucket
    His only wish
    Was to catch beautiful fish
    Went bonefishing instead - said fuckit
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  12. There was a new guy from Kitsap,
    Who thought he knew where the fish were at,
    He knew he could match the hatch,
    But the hopes exceeded the catch,
    He said with a grin,
    As he stripped in again,
    At least I'm not home watchin'
    The stupid friggin' television!!!!
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  13. Limericks are 5 lines. The 1st 2nd and 5 rhyme. and the 3 and 4th rhyme.

    The angler lusted after a Sage,
    He knew they were all the rage.
    At a shop he tried out the pole
    But instead of buying he stole.
    And now he is locked up in a cage.
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  14. this one has some epic potential
  15. isn't haiku 5 - 7 - 5 ?

  16. Meh!

    I'm an iconoclast!!! :)

    Poetic convention????

    Try free form!

    Set your soul free my friend, set it free!!! :p:D:D
  17. beats me, but it sounded good!
  18. Of all the fishes in the seas,
    My favorite is the bass.
    It climbs up on the seaweed trees,
    and slides down on it's...
    hands and knees!
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  19. An angler, it seems, from Ennis,
    Was asked why he fished, he said, "Dennis,
    I loves me some trout,
    it gets me out and about,
    and besides, I'm lousy at tennis."
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  20. I once say a man with no lights
    who was fishing Lenice at night
    he said with a frown
    "this trout isn't a brown
    but a 20 inch rainbow's alright"

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