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  1. There once was a gent who chased trout
    As he got older, of course, he got stout
    He became an ardent crusader
    For a new type of wader
    For those not moving up, but moving out!

    This is in no way a reflection of the author..
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  2. He found his new rod so appealing
    He just had to try out the feeling
    He assembled it quick
    Gave the rod a deft flick
    'Til the tip met the fan on the ceiling.

    This in every way is a reflection of me . . . damn it!
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  3. There once was a giwl from Twisp
    Who was cuwsed with a howwible wisp
    Met a Wo-man named Bwian
    Fell in wove without twying
    Now mawwied & fishing fow steel on the Kispiox
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  4. The river could not have looked better
    He shook putting his rod together
    Quickly closed up his rig
    When it snapped like a twig
    Now a Sag, for it broke at the last letter

    Jim reminded me of a moment of my own.
  5. Hmmm this is interesting
    Fly fishing is like a wild fling
    That becomes a steady
    Speaking of...I'm ready
    To go do my thing
  6. How about a cooperative venture? Each writes a successive line.

    Of fishing small streams, he was smitten
  7. until he found a snake in his mitten

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