I need a camping/fishing game plan

Discussion in 'Camping, Hiking, Cooking' started by uncoolperson, May 1, 2008.

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    My first thought centered on Sun Valley, Idaho. You could fish anywhere from the Big Wood River, a first-class freestone river that flows through adjacent Ketchum; or myriad tributary mountain streams and hike-in lakes within 60 miles or so, if you count the Sawtooth and White Cloud mt. ranges, plus the Boulder and Pioneer ranges, which are also spectacular and even closer. If she's not that interested in dusty trails, she could drop you off, then avail herself of countless recreational, cultural, and power-shopping opportunities. But unless you take possession of the credit cards, it might cost you more than the Alaska trip.:mad: And leaving her alone overnight in a burg full of Hollywood types and ski instructors with time on their hands might prove to be even more costly. (Did you ever see "Honeymoon in Vegas"?)

    For a less costly version of same, How about Leavenworth, from which you can fish the Wenatchee River, Icicle Creek, and nearby hike-in lakes?
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    Thanks again for the ideas, i'm looking at a guided thing because it'd be funny to put her on something bigger than a 14 inch trout. and i don't want to put much planning into everything.... it'd be nice (i've never had the pleasure) to have someone else take care of everything, equip, planning, and wisdom.... ohhh, and a boat on a river or the salt would be nifty.

    This will definitely be something she wants to do (where that no fly fishing exclusive guides or places). Already planning to hit the zoo and at least one old fort state park thing, and searching out a few other things with her.

    $$ has been good lately, with some counting the eggs before the turned to alevins(you like that?) the Alaska trip could have happened.
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    found me a guide.... thanks to all that have given me some input.

    now what are the tipping rules for a guide?
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    10-15% base. More if you knock the crap out of the fish or the guide entertains you the entire time (stories, local history, fishing technique lessons, etc.)
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    st joe, salmon river, somewhere in the woods in idaho.