I need better Marabou..

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  1. Sometimes I'll snip the inner tip off the marabou plume if it's too rigid. Allows the softer side fibers to form the tail rather than the rigid part of some of those plumes.

    Edit: I almost never use more than 1 plume on a bugger. Leeches and most organisms are pretty slender critters. Most taper down toward the tail so buggers shouldn't be any different.
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  2. Yeah I been doing that on some also. Cabela's marabou is so bad you can't get a good tail from any of the feather tips.
    Sometimes I trim down the sides, hold my breath :eek: while I lay them out on the table and use the whole feather.
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  3. Hey Patrick the answer you want to your question is pretty easy. Yes there are techniques to using material that will increase the look of the material but ultimately if you just want a marabou that you can clump in and tie a tail like that you need to look for SPEY marabou. Spey is the key the plumes are way longer and fuller then your average blood quil. Hope this helps
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  4. Yes that does help, thank you. :)
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  5. Here's some example tails using Jay Fair marabou.
  6. Am I the only one that has moved from marabou to rabbit for bugger style tails?
  7. Yes. ;)
  8. Am I the only one that has moved from marabou to rabbit for bugger style tails?

    Nope, smallie flies are tied like you mentioned...they last a bit longer when being chewed often.
  9. I've also had good luck with the Jay Fair Premium marabou. It is hard to find locally however. I believe Cabela's in Lacey carried it at one time, but I can't give a recent report on that. As mentioned above, Fish Hunter is good stuff too.
  10. Excellent thread. Been tying a lot of big streamers lately and they eat up marabou like nothing else. Never thought much about the quality or cost until I used a whole package tying three flies! Here's me going through a package trying to find a feather to palmer a tail- "Nope, won't work. Nope, won't work. Nope, won't work. Nope, won't work. Uhhhhh, maybe. Nope, won't work. Nope, won't work. There's a good one! Nope, won't work….."
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  11. I tried what you mentioned a couple times now and it looks so much better. Is there a feather type out there that has more of these webby feathers? My bugger pack feathers, I have to break the long ones in half and waste the rest and the rest of the other feathers are too short to get to the nicer webby part across the whole fly.
  12. I probably only use 1/3rd of the plumes in any package. You'll always have some, regardless how good the whole string is, that just aren't right. Marabou is cheap and I don't want to fish a fly that isn't right to me. Throwing away plumes I don't like has never bothered me.If I tie a fly with a crappy tail, it'll sit in my box for years unfished.

    I usually use saddle hackle for the hackle on smaller stuff like buggers and sometimes neck hackle or schlappen for larger steelhead type flies. Even then, only a small percentage of what's in a package is suitable for me to use.

    Good luck and have fun tying. I tie everything I fish but have never really enjoyed it. Only do it out of necessity. Many enjoy the process, I just do it for the end result.
  13. I ordered some blood quill from Mudhole tackle to try it out when ordering some rod parts. It is some of the fullest marabou with very good tips. I'll be getting some spey marabou to try out soon.

  14. I haven't tried rabbit but I am using alot more Arctic Fox and Raccoon for my tails, less action but still pretty lively and natural...but mainly it fouls on the hook bend a heck of a lot less. Marabou is a PITA in that respect.
  15. The post by troutpocket, I know the owner of Jay Fair products, I met him on a hike here in my home state of California. He owns Sierra, Stream, and Mountain Fly Shop in Chico, California. Just order online, the store has a website. Here's some marabou he gave to me personally. It is fluffy, but not to fluffy, and isn't stiff like a lot of bad marabous, but has enough stiffness to hold it straight. image.jpg image.jpg
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  16. What do you guys find is the best marabou for hackling? Spey is too stiff, most of the blood quill I run into is also too stiff too quick. Using it to tie up some flesh flies.

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