I need help with Chironomid fishing

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Kaiserman, May 18, 2013.

  1. Let me get this stright, Ira uses the pear shaped 1.25 in peged float? Is this correct?
    Can I get by with the .75 or .87 floats? Does the peg have a hole in its center? Are all these floats by colored? Its looks like only the red/white is a by colored float, am I wrong on this. what is the best color to use and can the peg be put in the bottom hole also. I know all this sounds stupid but what the heck, you'll never learn if you don't ask.
  2. Check the top of the link Ira provided and one will find there's different size/shape floats available and also at least 3 different colors. Only thing I might mention is don't get the one that looks like a long narrow panfish float.

    It doesn't matter which size float you buy, but the larger ones are easier to see. It's just as easy to detect a strike on the Ira sized ones as it is on the smaller ones. Light strikes just cause the indicator to quiver.

    Peg on top? Peg on bottom? You say toma- to, I say tomah-to. What ever floats your chironomid. I pefer the peg on top as I'd like to believe that in case of a break off I might be able to recover the peg if it stays on the leader.
  3. I haven't figured out Chironomids either. Thanks for the concise practical approach. A couple of questions.

    What does
    2. "Tie on mids with loop" mean?

    In deep lakes (like Cady) do you lob out a 16' to 25' leader as best you can and back away?

    How do you store your very long Chironomid leaders to keep them from being a tangled mess when you go to rig them?

    Thanks for the extra help.
  4. It means tie the chironomids on with a loop knot as it allows the fly more movement.

    I have issues with the use of " 'mids" as everytime I see it I think of midshipmen cadets from the US Naval Academy.

    On leader lengths there is a length limit that can be fished. If one is in a PON'toon boat it's hard to fish much more than 12-14 feet of leader/indicator/splitshot as it "whangs" around so bad. Fishing from a boat where one can stand up lets the longer leaders be fished easier. I feel once the water hits 25 feet deep or more it is probably easier to use a short leader and a fast full sink line. Pre-measure the depth and only cast out that length of line and hand twist it back up.
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  5. Zen, I can whang myself in the back of the head with much less leader than 25 feet, in boat or on land. It is hard even to set the indicator with 25 feet of leader, but I have caught fish to nearly 20 feet with this set up. From a float tube. Truth is that I wasn't anchored, I placed the flies in the water where I wanted and then kicked backwards and away for a bit. From 20 feet down, they don't seem to care.

  6. So today I finally decided to head out with only a floating line, a pocket full of chironomids, and an indicator. I finned around until I got to a spot that I knew held fish, and there were a number of husks floating. I measured out line to sit a foot from the bottom, and started fishing. About 20 minutes in I got my first strike as a rainbow tried to eat my indicator (it was a very pretty yellow one). After seeing that I hung another fly about 15" below the indicator, 20 minutes after that another trout tried to eat the indicator and I gave up and headed home.

    Someday I will figure it out ><
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  7. Um... that's when you're supose to tie on a big 'ol yellow Stimulator! ;)
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  8. I left all the fly boxes home so I wouldnt cheat!
  9. Oh... I've never done that. :D
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  10. Sounds like you didn't fish long enough to put down your rod and eat something, that always elicits a strike.
    Remember which route you drove to the lake and drive a different next time. Once you catch a fish, never take a different route.
    And wear different clothes next time until you catch a fish.
    Did you give your flies a little movement every couple minutes.
    Use a different indicator til you find the lucky one.
    Remember, this is a lot like steelhead fishing, once you get the mojo it's great, but it takes a lot of times of skunking to find the mojo.

    Or find someone who knows what he is doing and do what he does.

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  11. putting your rod down, looking at something on the bank, eating a sandwich, taking a pee.... all elicit strikes. Fishing two rods is the best as the rod sitting in the boat gets all the strikes.
  12. Pull out your smart phone and open a social networking app... Fish on!

    Reply to a text message. Fish on!

    And, don't forget to hold your mouth right or you'll never catch a thing!
  13. One more thing that's worse than missing a strike. Fishing two rods and having the rod sitting in the boat yanked over the side. I almost saw that once up in BC. The reel caught on the side of the boat.
  14. I ended up taking a type VI line and a short leader, and measured it out to lake bottom. Then cast it out let it get to bottom, then hand twisted it and caught fish. It sort of felt like jigging for crappie when I was a kid :eek:
  15. There are a couple of lakes that come to mind that have more rods & reels cluttering up the bottom than our long lost fly shop had in stock here in Kamloops .
  16. Stoney was the one I almost experienced it on. First trout I ever had hooked that I could not control. Just kept going and broke me off.
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  17. There are some big fish in that lake .

    Did you fish Minnie when you were at the ranch ?

  18. Well, that is chironomid fishing as well. If you noted how deep you got most of your strikes, that would be a good depth to start at if you want to use an indicator. But whatever works.

  19. Pretty much.

    Trout hitting a yellow indicator is very common. Switching to a yellow dry fly doesn't help... at least not for me... tried it.

    I've even cobbled together a yellow strike indicator with a hook and the damned fish wouldn't hit it! Attached another yellow indicator sans hook and they'd hit it.

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