WTB I need some STICKERS!!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by vinestbrew, Mar 26, 2014.

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  1. I got a new ride and it seems naked without some flyfishing stickers
  2. Fly fishing reps all over the PAC NW are salivating at making your new ride into their latest social "rolling stock" media platform for hyping their goods! Good luck!
  3. Be careful. Fly fishing stickers are a flag to the underbellies of society that you may have some valuable gear sitting in your vehicle while your down fishing the river.
  4. Congrats on the new ride! Unfortunately for some fishers of the west side Cascade foothills, they are known as "victim here" stickers.:(
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  5. Are you sponsored by fly gear companies? Or are you stating "break into my new car please?"
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  6. I'm currently out of Hello Kitty stickers or I'd help you out.
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  7. I have a few of these lying around, $22 each shipped.

  8. Never thought of that never really worried about it. I am however concerned with my steeler plate when in NY and OH
  9. Start sending emails to fly fishing companies with your address and about a week later your mailbox explodes with awesome.

    I've done it, folks are happy to send them out for free.
  10. this is the only sticker you need. ipac_white-200x200.png
  11. I bet there will be lots of stickers at Red's Rendezvous on the 12th if you can make it to Ellensburg that day.
  12. Let us know when you get some more?
  13. Seahawks sticker?
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  14. Benny,
    I only hand them out on the beaches for stripping baskets.
    If you don't own a stripping basket I'll see if I can dig up a wolf or Unicorn one for you. I think I might have one of these lying around.

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  16. Any Simms stickers out there?
  17. As I noted before, email the companies and they'll send you free stickers. Simms sent me 8 stickers for free.
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