I tried to go fishing today

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Old Man, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. I enjoy getting flipped shit. Just as long as it is in fun. I don't seem to be able to hook up with anybody here in Montana to fish with. But fishing alone is no bother. This way I can go and come as I see fit. Now if anybody would of been with me yesterday, their fishing trip would of been cut short.
  2. Yeah....but getting out of your predicament and driving home would have been easier.
  3. I just held a napkin to my arm and it leaked all the way home. I'm glutton for punishment.

    One time when I was fishing Bolder river in Washington, I was climbing over a pile of logs. I slipped and fell about 5 feet onto a green log. This one didn't give. I separated my breastbone in the middle of my chest. That took about 2 weeks to heal.I couldn't do anything with out being in pain.

    I've done this thing twice.

  4. Two words: wading staff.

    I never used to have one, let alone use one. Now, whether fishing alone or not, I always have my collapsible staff with me. And it has saved my ass from falls more than once ...
  5. Let me get this straight---for years you have been communicating with your middle finger and now you are being forced to use your index finger? I can see how that would be painful.........

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  6. Anyone who fly fishes falls down sometimes. I have a fondness for fiberglass rods on brushy creeks partly because I'd have broken three or four graphite rods by now.

    Jim... Face plant in the blackberries! I've done that. You just sort of lay there for a second thinking carefully about your next move.
  7. I really like using one, especially as high as the rivers around here seem to run sometimes. After a few sketchy crossings (but no dunkings) I decided I really like having one.
  8. At your age, that's probably a good sign. :)

    Better than in your ass.

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  9. Ouch! Jim, I hope you heal quickly! I'm really glad it wasn't worse! I'd come fish with you but then there might be two of in the ER, lol.
  10. Make sure you keep track of your temp. If you begin to get a fever get back to ER ASAP. Hopefully you are on antibiotics and that you recover very soon. Best to ya'
  11. Oh man, now you've gone and done it!!!! :eek:
  12. I was sitting here thinking about fishing. Still can't get my ass out there. But I'm starting to get some use out of my left arm. I now type with a finger on each hand. Still can't hold a bottle, because when I have to turn my hand to take a drink. Too much pain. But the redness is slowing going away.

    When you all go fishing, falling is not on your mind. It is something farthest from your mind. I usually watch where I put my feet. But this time I didn't. So now I have to pay the piper.

    I was up on the upper Ruby where the Beaver ponds start. It was so low and clear I don't think that I will go back up there again this year. Besides it's 75 miles from home. What if I fall again. Once a klutz always a klutz. But It's all FUN.
  13. Well I went and did it. I got a full blown infection in my left arm. Back to The ER so they could prod and poke at my arm. Which they did and had fun doing it. They opened it back up and the pus all came out. Then they washed the hell out of it and got more wood out of it. Then they did an Ultrasound on it. That thing is cool. They were not to sure but they hope they got all the junk out of my arm. If the infection doesn't clear up they might have to open up my arm to get all the shit out. Not looking forward to that.

    Got some more horse pills to take.

    So the moral to all of this is to watch where you plant your big feet when walking through the bushes and not get tangled up and fall down. It hurts to damn much.
  14. Shit, that stinks! I hope you're not roasting too bad over there. This is a bad time of year to feel like crap.
  15. Hope you get better quickly, OMJ! The fish are awaiting!
  16. Sorry to hear that sensai. Hope for a fast recovery.
  17. Damn Jim, all jokes aside, take care and get well soon. I will flip you some crap when you are 100% again.
  18. At least it is your arm and not your wedding tackle.. I can just imagine you trying to explain to Ole Woman Jim that "No really! I was fishing.. It's not contagious and the doctor said it should be cleared up in a week!"

    I will be convalescing along with you Jim. I go in for triple inguinal hernia surgery on Tues. Since they are basically eviscerating me, I am going to re-enact the ending scene from Braveheart right before they put me under.. "Freedom!"
  19. Bingo, tho I describe that as "I'm not the ballerina I once was." Every step can be an adventure, but the important thing is to keep going. When I launch my float tube or toon, I now use it as a support aid & I use a staff religiously when conditions dictate.
  20. A fly rod in one hand and the fly and tippet in the other as I walk from spot to spot. I don't have a third hand to hold a wading staff. Hell, I was on the bank. Where I was fishing at I didn't have to get my feet wet. I haven't had to get my feet wet unless I felt like cooling off. Beside they are beaver ponds, no need to wade. Where I fish at the ponds are about 10 feet wide and 50 feet long and three feet deep.

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