I want to do some fly fishing photography...

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Josh, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Josh, here's an idea. Just go fishing to go fishing and bring your camera along.

    Most people I know seem to have a camera with them. If you have the EOS-1DS MK3 and seven lenses or something then you'll just end up getting some exceptionally badass pictures versus the dude with the disposable rite-aid special.

    Sometimes the fishing might be hot and you stow the camera, then break it out again when your arm is sore from all the fish. It it's slow, then you have something else fun to do, and you can work on getting some classic shots for the cover of the Orvis catalog : )

    Nice pics BTW, I love the snowboard shot.
  2. Nice wakeboard shots!!
  3. No offense, but that isn't really a good way to be consistently successful at something like photography. At least not for me. Good photography takes a lot of effort and thought. At the very least, I can't be worrying about what fly to tie on next if I am trying to make serious images.

    I need to be concentrating on one thing at a time. Otherwise I just do two things really half assed.
  4. Personally, I think this one's easy. As much as "The mist rising from a spring creek on a cold morning, fat trout slurping tiny bugs close to the overhanging grass." sounds like a pretty picture taken, oh...10-15 gazillion times as representation of the "feel" of fly-fishing, I think to get a true feel, all you need to do is capture a pic of a flyfishermans face as he eyes a pod of rising fish....like a lion stalking a gazelle.

    To me, the actual act of fishing is not relaxing or stress-relieving. It get's my heart pumping, it get's my adrenaline going, and it gives me a sore jaw from clenching my teeth so much. Let's face it, the act of fishing is actually fairly stressful endevor that is probably bad for your health. On the other hand, if your looking for the feel of "going fishing", then taking pics of of a quiet tranquill river, or some jack-ass swinging his fly-line around atop a rock like a tornado in the setting sun for no apparent reason....oh right he was "mimicking" an actual hatch to get fish to start to rise :beathead: is probably a good idea.It doesn't give you the "feel" of fly-fishing though. It's gives you the feel of spending time away from the rat race, something you can do by backpacking, sitting on a bench in a park etc....

    Treat fly-fishing like the sport it is....and capture what really draws us to it...my two cents
  5. Jasmillo makes an interesting point. The photos that we all see of fly fishing, are they really showing fly fishing the way we see it? Or even the way that we want to see it.

    My only thought is to point out where I came from photographically. All the professional work that I did for my first 5-6 years was snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX, wakeboarding, etc. I was completely disappointed when I watched my first fly fishing video. Holy crap, did it NOT make me want to go fishing. The AEG guys are the only ones so far to have made the kind of movie I would make if I were still involved with video work.

    Fishing may pump a lot of people up, but I'm not sure I will ever see anyone as amped as some of the athletes that I worked with. It's hard not to get the blood flowing when you are trying to backflip off of a 40 foot cliff over a series of boulders. Or trying to ride through traffic through the open doors of the subway station, dodging the security guard and grinding a 15 stair rail. Those guys were all nuts. As bad (or worse) than any steelheader I have ever met.

    However, I also think there is something to be said for the idealic quiet stream at morning calendar shot. I think most everyone can identify with that kind of imagery, especially if they were looking at a photo of themselves fishing in that same image. And to be honest, different styles stoke different people.

    Guess what I am saying is that if I can get my head around the new challenge, my goal would be to be halfway between the skate/snow/bmx photos I used to do, and the kind of photos that are in the FFF calendar.
  6. You're absolutely right about that...flyfishing could not possibly get the blood pumping like the sports described above-I don't care how big the steelhead are!

    That being said, flyfishing is an activity that stirs up something more to us than just enjoying a pretty, tranquill place. Like I said, there are a number of other activities that would allow us to enjoy these places without the frustration of being outsmarted by a 12 inch fish :)

    Wait, I think I have an idea :ray1: that will allow you to combine extreme sports and flyfishing for you photographic pleasure......why don't you photograph someone flyfishing the "surfer" hatch for Great Whites off an Australian beach! I would buy that video! Any tiers on this board think they can whip up a quick "surfer dude" pattern?

    In any case, post some pics of the trips you go on....I'd offer to bring you along but I'm new to the area and still trying to figure out my own secret spots as well! Good Luck!

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