I Will Never Fish The Cedar again!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by bhudda, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Fished the river Sunday evening for a few hours. The kids that were partying under the old train bridge when I got there, picked up and left when they saw me and Amie where there to stay and fish. We never said a word to them, we just started to fish. There was some trash down in that area but later when we walked up stream from the easy to get to area,the area was still clean. Only saw one other fisherman in the few hours we were there. We had lots of hits but only landed a few small Cutthroats, so not to bad a day on the river. Not a lot of people down on that part of the river Sunday night while we were there. Other then the kids and the one other fisherman all we saw was a lady and her baby waiting for her husband and two kids to finish their float down the river so she could take them home. As soon as the group of floaters arrived they packed up and left. The next hour and a half we did not see another person.
    The funny part is we had driven right by the Yak on the way back from dropping her Mom off in George that afternoon and even though the rods were in the car we did not stop to fish because neither of us felt like dealing with the heat of fishing the Yak mid day and decided fishing a river closer to home in the evening would be better.
  2. Bhudda, I'm glad to hear your loss is only material and not anything more than some good scrapes.

    They say the squeeky wheel gets the grease...looks like the local enforcement needs a little jacking up. Any abuses witnessed should be called in and recorded with cameras if possible. How about getting the press involved...?
  3. Here is a link to the "Eyes in the Woods" program that was mentioned earlier. http://www.eyesinthewoods.org/ It might be something that individuals can get involved in or maybe a group from WFF could set up a day and go through the training together. I looked into it a bit further and if a site that could seat 25 or more was made available the state would provide an officer for a training class. They are scheduling 60 days out so if a date was chosen in late September maybe we could get a class put together. Any takers? Ideas for locations? I know the PUD building in Monroe has a room for public use.
  4. Bhudda I admire your courage to fight for whats right and I hope someday to fish w/ you. I think you are lucky though, the result could have been a lot worse. As we rant about mounting possees for revenge I imagine the other guys are doing the same. To them, we probably all look the same too, so another guy in waders could get harassed or worse just for being in the wrong palce at the wrong time. I don't think any form of escalation in violence would help.

    I hope you did decide to file a report though. Even if nothing comes of it, it will still go down on record as a crime, which if coupled with other reports could lead to an increase in enforcement. Lets be the squeaky wheel in Renton!

    Also lets remember that WFF is a public site! Anyone can go on here and see what were up to. I think WFF posts even show up on google. Even idle threats of revenge could be taken seriously if seen by someone outside of our group, and there are always people looking for trouble out there.

    I hope most of us will see that encouraging increased enforcement is the only thing that will help this situation. I think the Eyes in the Woods Training is a great idea. I would be in full support of an organized training for members of this site. I for one would participate in regular patrols snd it could be great reconn for new fishing spots.

    This type of thing is not isolated to the Cedar, this could have just as easily happened on the Sky, Stilly, Green or just about any place outside of a National Park. It is tragic that our natural spaces, and rivers in particular, attract this kind of trash (literal and figurative).

    I will fish the Cedar again but probably not alone after reading this post.

  5. I had a similiar experience on the middle fork of the snoqualmie a couple weeks ago. some stupid punk kids blazing down middle fork road stopped right by my subaru and started peaking around it. lucky for me, i wasn't down below fishing, but rather fifty yards above the road throwing a hatchet into stumps with my buddy (fishing got too slow, just passing time till the sun dropped). I yelled down to 'em and recieved a handful of four letter word responses in return, so i jumped downhill like a saskwatch in a hurdles event (i knew those spiked wading boots would come in handy someday) telling 'em if they weren't outta there by the time i got down they'd be wearing a hatchet square in the back. And then, as soon as i think they saw the hatchet they split.

    It's sad really. I go fishing sometimes and all i can hope for is that my vehice is present and accounted for when i get back. I'm tired of the drunks, i'm tired of the hillbilly fisherman with worms who leave a six cans of beer and fish guts laying on a rock behind when they leave (and the beer is empty, damnit, and its a catch and release river). I'm tired of the kids who leave a smoldering fire and trash all over a makeshift campsite.

    As for a solution? well, 911 always works. Perhaps the more 911 calls dispatchers recieve, they more attention they'll pay to the issue. Also, power is in numbers. I'll be careful approaching anyone if i'm by myself. But if there's a handful of us fisherman, i just assume approach the evil'doers and scare 'em off the rivers for good. And i'm no lawyer, but if i'm by myself, and i think i can 'take 'em, and i approach someone ruining my river in a kind and approapriate manner, yet the other guy escalates the situation, can i claim self-defense when humble the SOB and leave him in tears?
  6. I used to confront bait fishers up in the woods at Ebey Lake, but kept it low for survival sake. Up there you could "go missing" pretty damn easy. Especially in float tube garb. Only thing I had going for me was I was usually already in the water and they were on shore. Of course, between them and cougars it was always a nice adrenaline rush back to the truck!!
    Be safe out there guys. Places like the Cedar are not a "wilderness" experience. I've seen the same type of partying and idiots on the Washougal, Stilly and even the Sky.
  7. Holy Sheet man, I'm glad to hear you guys are OK and the other guy is worse off. It definitely makes one think twice about confronting other's inappropriate behaviour but dude, you did the right thing. A damn good thing you had backup with you in Curtis. I had similar experiences back East in the Appalachians but I hoped it would be different out here but alas, even on 'remote' rivers here and Alaska we end up carrying out trash and bitching about trashers. The Man has to get invloved in situations like the one you describe. What happened after you called 911? Did the Man show? Whenever you roll out this way, drop me a note - lot's of great, quiet water this way. A big Pixie "cast" on a fly rod tends to get people's attention, and leave marks.
  8. Bhudda my heart and respect go out to you. I fished three winter steelhead seasons on an urban river a few seasons back. One year I waded into such a pathetic mess of abuse I didn't come back for months. (practiculy-Hey! The end of Febuary was too hard to pass up! Besides the big rains flooded out the homeless camps, crack dealers, plastic wrappers, human turds etc.)

    Enough to turn the contemplative mans sport into the contemptuous mans spar.
  9. In my opinion the only positive aspect of this fishery is that the problems of poaching and squatting, in all forms, on this river is being exposed. I dont think we should be bothering those fish at all.
  10. Bob- couldn't have said it better myself!!!!!
  11. I believe that was me. I was fishing the backwater run underneath the bridge there. Caught a few rainbows, biggest was 14 ".
    I went back to the same spot this Sunday (after trying just below the upper open border) and the water was a little lower. I ended up going up and fishing that side channel and caught some small 8" bows. Then I went downriver from the road bridge and fished the main run (I wouldnt have fished it except when I was moving down I got a bite on my fly, water seemed to be moving too fast). I ended up drifting my egg laying stimulator pattern through the bumpy main run and ended up catching 2 more bows and a cutt all around 10". Learned a new lesson, just cause its moving fast, doesnt mean the fish aren't in there hungry.

    As far as the people around, it was pretty busy. Kids were playing at that railroad bridge with a dog that constantly barked. Saw quite a few floaters as well. Some had to apoligize for floating through the run I was fishing, but I didnt get really angry cause its not my river. I just fish it.

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