I wish my wife liked to fly fish!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Charles Beaver, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Any ones wife fish?
    Is it possible to convert her?
    Is this something to do for self serenity?
  2. No Wife but girlfriend fishes with me most of the time. A couple of her girlfreinds now want to fish with us to this summer. Amie and I fished around 50+ times this past year together. The bad part is I only got to fish alone a couple times. Course I was lucky she fished before we meet, just not with a fly rod.
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  3. My wife likes to go camping and hiking with me. She's not crazy about fishing, but she'll do it and wants to start learning more about fly fishing.

    I got her started by taking here on a nice hike along some scenic streams on warm summer days. When we found a spot to stop, we'd have lunch, and often she'd kick back and read a book and I'd fish for a little. Often I'd invite her over to make a few casts. I haven't gotten to the point of buying her her own gear yet since we kinda got 'side tracked' by our 3 little boys. Now the whole family mainly fishes out of our small alum boat. Once the boys are older, we'll do the camping\hiking\fishing thing as a family.
  4. key to get a GF/wife into fishing is keep them excited about it.. take them out on a nice day... make sure the fishing is good (not hours between fish)..and maybe take a picnic or do something else while you are out there... like sight seeing hiking etc...probably not a good idea to take them out winter steelheading on a 30 degree day... with the chance of hooking one fish in 6 hours of hard fishing... but then again if you have a boat..and a heater... and she can just go along for the ride... it might be ok! my gf tends to like goin on nice weather days and she brings a gossip magazine to read when she gets bored! and maybe a couple alcoholic beverages to enjoy in the sun!

    oh yeah.. never try to get them fishing stuff on birthdays..holidays..even if you buy something else that isnt related to fishing... they tend to get upset about that...
  5. Egads,I go fishing to get away from the wife. I tried it once and once was enough. I only have enough patience for me.

    But then again I am an old grouch so I guess that says it all. :thumb:

  6. I'm lucky. My wife likes all the guy stuff: fishing, video games, gambling, drinking, smoking, partying, strip clubs, rodeos, diner food.

    But in general, I think if your wife's parents didn't turn her on to fishing when she was a kid, its probably too late. That's just a guess.

    How about your mistress? That might be a better bet. Because you can just swap those out until if you find one that does like fishing.
  7. Take 'em to a good spot, tie on the best fly, and give 'em the best water...

    Show them the best fishing the first time out. That will "set the hook" a bit deeper than taking her on a "normal" (read: semi-unproductive but still fulfilling) trip.

    A picture is worth a thousand words...
  8. My wife could never figure out why I spend hours flyfishing until I took her out and introduced her to it. Now, keep in mind that this is a lady that had very little fishing experience and no interest in a putting a worm on a hook. However, a fly is a little different situation and hence her willingness to go.

    Admittedly, I made sure that she would have a good time (we went up to Corbett Lake - good accommodations, 4 course gourmet meals). But it was thrilling to her (and me) when she caught and landed her first trout on a cast fly. The damsel flys were showing that afternoon and I told her to just cast it out and let it sit a minute. She has been "hooked" ever since and is more understanding of my getting up at 0-dark30 on a cold and rainy morning and not getting back until late.

    John P.
  9. mine flyfishes with me too, at least when the weather is nice. no winter steelhead, though, ever. that was a bad idea i tried a couple times. the yak, e. wa. lakes, etc, anywhere when the weather is good. she too fished before she met me, but not flyfishing. it's great if you ask me, allows more fishingtime without getting slack from the wife about going.
  10. My wife landed 3 steelhead in her first two trips about 5 years ago and hasn't really fished with me since. She will sit in the boat or float the rivers w/me but would rather just read a book when we're out.

    Alot of guys would end up divorced living under a tarp in Forks if they had that kind of steelhead luck. She keeps herself pretty busy with a bunch of other activities and I keep myself busy chasing just about anything that swims and is willing to eat my fly.:thumb:
  11. Funny, I got a sweet TFO 6 weight SRC rod and an awesome trip to King Lake from YT for my b-day last year. My dad got me a Ross Rythum to complete the setup.

    Seriously, make it fun. Keep it short. Leave when she wants to leave no matter how good the fishing is. Tie it in to doing something she'd like- like staying at a cute B&B and doing the tourist thing... My biggest recomendation: fish somewhere where there's a high probability of her catching a fish.
  12. My wife used to fish with me (before I started to flyfish). She stopped fishing after a fish (bass) was bleeding after being caught. Now she is just an observer. My daughter has a few years to go before I hand her a rod.
  13. Well I am not quite married yet but my fiance I have been together for quite a few years so we are "common law" married. Although we do many outdoor activities together including climbing, backpacking, canyoneering, mountain biking, rafting, and kayaking I can't get her interested in fishing. I bought her a fly rod a couple of years ago but she has yet to pick it upbawling: . In order for me to go fishing I usualy have to integrate it into our other activities including backpacking and kayaking/rafting. Whenever we plan a trip I stealthily try to point us toward a destination with better fishing oportunities;) . I figured out a neat trick recently, I always bring a rod along on our outings but often will not have a chance to fish. My fiance' feels bad when I don't get to fish and tells me that the next trip we will go somewhere that I realy catch some fish. Although I do not do this purposely I certainly enjoy the results:thumb: . I think that my fiance' main issue is that fishing is boring to her and that she perhaps has a touch of ADD. She is more into acive adreniline activities which is great because I also enjoy them. Perhaps I need to bring her on a blue water Big game fishing trip to introduce her to the adreniline side of fishing.

  14. My wife does fly fish with me on occassion. She is however a sunny day fisherwoman and refuses to go out in the cold for long periods of time. Her favorite fish to catch are high moutain brook trout. The easier the fishery you introduce them to, the easier it will be to keep their interest. I got to see my wife catch a few salmon this year in Alaska. Now that was a hoot!
  15. I agree with many on this. Just like kids (not saying treat her like a kid) take her when the fishing has been consistant, put her in the best spot, tie on your favorite fly, don't try to teach her everything all at once...it takes a lot of practice to become efficient/effective with a fly rod (not counting the lucky ones that hook em right off the bat), leave when she wants to leave, take her when she is willing to go, make it a fun day, have other things planned (like a picnic lunch complete with a glass of her favorite wine) and who knows...if the fishing is slow...you may get lucky in a different kind of way...instead of hooking fish...:D :D :eek:
  16. My girlfriend fishes with me occasionally. She is a horsewoman (works with them for a living, and does alot of western trailriding). So that's her thing. So I dabble in horseback riding and she dabbles in fishing. Just that each of us respects the others true "love" and doesn't commit too much into it. Nice to have similar likes, but also nice to get away with your own friends. She prefers the nicer weather to fish with me. BUT, she has went winter steelheading with me (one trip we were floating the Hoh with the snow coming down). So she's not afraid to go out and get dirty, wet, and cold. Hell, she'll even touch bait (when I do use it). I have some pics of her fishing, should see if I can find them. Do have fishpics of her, but dead fish so not sure everyone wants to see them. LOL.

    Oh, and thinking of Mingo (king fishing that is). She always wanted to catch a big fish. I got her into a big king (was about 35#'s), all male, all muscle. Took her yard many a times (those fresh from the salt fish are always the best, and a buck really lets your tackle have it). After a good hour fight (and I thought for a bit she foul hooked it) I got the fish up to my jet sled. Was fair hooked, but this male was a scrapper. So he did NOT want to come in. After that fish (and being sore in the arms) she prefered to fish for silvers and steelhead. She can't figure out my obsession for kings (since those big ones beat the crap outta you LOL).
  17. My girlfriend only wants to go fishing under the following circumstances:
    Good weather
    In the Canoe/boat (Lakes)
    Trolling (which usually means I'm the motor)
    and she gets to pick which fly is used.

    To be honest it's usually about two or three times a year and I am more than likely trying two kill two birds with one stone, if you know what I mean.:thumb:
  18. I will be happy to teach your women how to fly fish.:cool:
  19. Fuzzy, going fishing with a woman, with very few exceptions (1/1000?), is really about sharing some quality time and having a picnic where you also bring along a fishing 'pole'. But do not confuse that with going fly fishing. As pointed out by others, plan ahead to ensure an enjoyable outing, treat it like a date, and do not go to places with her that are new to you. Pick out spots in advance, find nice areas, i.e., no bugs, easy access, sunny days, etc., and spend the time with her. It is not her role to be your fishing buddy unless she has a passion for the outdoors, in which case she would already be there.
  20. My ex-wife used to like to fish. As long as it was trolling from the boat. She never liked casting and retrieving. Now one of the questions that I ask a women on the first date is do you fish? Hey, when you're 60 you can cut right to the chase! Haven't found one yet who preferred fishing to shopping at Nordstrom.

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