I wish my wife liked to fly fish!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Charles Beaver, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Anyfish Fishing with the kids

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    "Haven't found one yet who preferred fishing to shopping at Nordstrom."

    ...but if you keep asking you just might!
  2. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    I must've missed that quote Anyfish. I actually am dating a woman who'd rather fish then go shopping at all (especially Nordstrom). She's happier shopping out of a Cabela's magazine (or one of her Equine suppliers) then shopping at the mall. So I'm blessed in that instance. So, there are woman out there who hate shopping at the malls (whoever it was who said that originally). Now, my exwife, right before our divorce she went into shopping overdrive (she had always loved to shop, but got worse). Glad she's gone now. LOL
  3. hikepat Patrick

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    Yea mine love flyfishing stuff for Birthdays to. Last year she was happier with here new fishing net the the nice earings I got her. I also found out it was a good thing my parents got her fishing stuff for xmas since I did not. She was a little upset that all I got her was clothes and some jewlery. Course she forgot I did get here wadders {used} just before xmas.
    Now if only I could get her to tie flies to.
  4. David Loy Senior Moment

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    I tried that... once.
    Gorgeous fall day several years ago now. Had a new (to me) jon boat with electric motor to try out. Invited my bride out to Spada Lake to go for a boat ride, troll flies and see the fall colors. Noticed one couple parked at the lake, talking. And another vehicle, City of Everett Water Dept. truck, parked there but absolutely no one on the lake. But then, the Seahawks were playing Denver that day so I certainly wasn't surprised.
    So dare ve vas. Me and my sweetie in the middle of the lake, far side actually. Just lasily, half assed fishing, not even caring if anything bit. I hear voices. There's no radio here so before long I look over toward the boat ramp and there, maybe a mile away is a strobe light. My poop chills on the spot. I said to myself "self (I said) we're in trouble". So about 30 minutes (at top speed) later, we're at the ramp.
    It simply never even crossed my mind that the lake would be closed. (Jim-spare the rod, ever been unconcious?) There was no "closed for fishing" sign in sight. Asshole in the COE truck watched us put in, with gear, and never said a word. Then, when we're out of earshot he calls F&G. F&G guy was fine, nice guy really, but he had to write us up. Only after he started the ticket did I notice the COE evacuating the area. Ticket was for several hundred dollars beings that the lake was closed AND my wife had no license. What does she need with a license. Never fished a day in her life, before or since. (Jim - STOP! "I am not a crook". At least not by design.)
    So, on the way to court we pick up a license for Liz. Court was conducted such that 7 perps would stand before the judge as he would read them their rap sheet and they'd plead innocent of any crimes. We were in the second wave so we sat and watched as 6 out of the 7 perps before us were read a page from our diary. Yes, each one of them had EXACTLY the same story as ours. Same lake, same truck, same asshole, same cop. Don't know why none of them squeaked but we sure did when it was our turn at justice. I told the judge it sure seemed it would be cheaper for the City to post a sign than pay an employee to camp there day after day. He said "it does seem a bit suspicious doesn't it. Almost like there's something going on" (with a grin). Anyway, we had our fines reduced significantly, enough such that we decided not to fight it and raise hell.
    Several years later and she still doesn't want to fish with me. I don't get it, even though I buy her a new rod just about every year. (Maybe if she knew.)
    Actually, sometimes she does ask to go out with me and the girls (9 & 13). I'm pretty sure she's not too serious though, kind of a dance old marrieds do I guess. "No, (I say) that is a 3 person boat". (I had off'ed the jon and got a DB later, smallish for a reason.) "Why don't you go play with a girl friend" (better than "clean up the house" don't you think)?
    Sorry for the breeze, got carried away.
  5. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Jim won't say anything except that when I fish I usually know what is open and what isn't and look for any innocent looking people. Also you were lucky you were in a john boat because if you were in a rubber raft you would of gotten a bigger fine. Being that it is a watershed nothing other than metal or fiberglas can be used in there. I'll stop here.

  6. Charles Beaver New Member

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    My wife and I came to a compromise, she likes comming with me on a stream and sit on the bank of the river while I wade-ONLY IF I CATCH SOMETHING!
    If I dont catch anything in 20-30 min she is ready to got walk around.

    As fate would have it, I land the most trout when she is away.

    I have to be honest:
    I think it would be nice if she liked to fish but I kind of like getting away to just be alone and calm myself down. I also enjoy my wifes dainty trates and feminen ways. I think it adds to my enjoyment of fishing when I cant do it all the time

    Maybe I am wierd....:cool:
  7. Ron Eagle Elk Active Member

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    My wife VEE is an avid fly fisher and fly tier. To me this is a mixed blessing. She usually outfishes me on every outing we go on except my birthday (I think she clips the hook off her fly on that day). She's a great partner, usually out of sight up or down river from. I never know she's there except for the sound of "Fish On!" echoing from the banks. A huge plus is that our streamside lunches are great.

    Before we got married my trips to the fly shop usually cost me about $50, now they run a hundred or more. When I get a rod/reel/line, I have to buy two, one for each of us.

    Gift buying is a snap, Valentines Day last year I bought her a 6 wgt two hander, reel and line. For her birthday last year she got a Sage SLT 5 wgt, and this past Christmas she got a Fisih Pond Coyote tiers travel bag.

    For Valentines Day last year I got a Jungle Cock neck, for my birthday (two days after hers) a Sage SLT to match hers, and for Christmas I got a Blue Eared Pheasant skin.

    For our last anniversary we took a trip with Steve Buckner on the Cowlitz for SRC.

    I wouldn't trade this woman in for anything, and hope she feels the same about me.

  8. Susie New Member

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    I am a flyfishing wife!!

    When we first got together, my husband (boyfriend at the time) asked me if I wanted to go fishing. All I could think about was when my step dad would take me fishing when I was a little girl and use worms from a dock and catch perch. I told him that I thought it was boring.

    He said to give it a try and took me to some of his flyfishing haunts.

    The first time I went I knew this was for me. The solitude and beauty of the stream was more than I could ask for. Then I caught my first fish.

    Now I have 3 rods, a float tube, a pontoon boat, 2 different types of waders and tie my own flies.

    I would rather flyfish than do almost anything else. I just love it.

    We sure would like to get together with other flyfishing couples.

  9. Jason Decker Active Member

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    this is the main reason why i like the idea of Canyon River Ranch/ Reds on the Yak...........
  10. SSmith New Member

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    That's how my wife and I met! Up on the Middle Fork. We go to Montana every year and fish the rivers around Missoula. Heck we even went fishing up in Alaska for our honeymoon and it was HER idea!
  11. hikepat Patrick

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    Well Suzie there are at least a few of the wives and girl freinds at the Dry Fall trip every year. Feel free for you and your husband to show up and meet some others from this site. Of course that not to say that we could not get together a couples only weekend some time this spring, summer or fall as well.
  12. Denny Wagenman Active Member

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    My wife and I have floated and waded a lot of rivers, fished a lot of lakes together for many years. She doesn't like the long , long days on the rivers, but when she gets tired she will read a book while I find a place to ware. Quite frankly we have had many good time fishing together. I lost my other fishing buddy to cancer last year so for the time being she is my number 1.
  13. David Loy Senior Moment

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    Thread reminds me of a conversation with an old friend/peer several years ago. (I'll make this brief) We both love golf and as we were shooting the breeze I realized, wow, this guys playing a lot. So I asked him how often he gets out. I believe him when he said "last year I played over 150 rounds". "Jesus Bob, how do you manage that" I said. "My wife loves golf and we play usually twice a week together". Lucky bastard!
    I'm getting there though. Liz, the girls (9 & 13) and I usually play once a week in the summer. Takes us 2 hours to play 4 holes but we're doin' it! I'm just not sure I have the patience to take on teaching all there is about fishing on a river with currents, hatches, line control, etc. Besides, how can she miss me if I don't go away.
  14. dryfly09 Presentation With Distance

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    1. My fiance has never liked to fish what so ever until I introduced fly casting. That made her question weather or not to give the sport to try. She since has and has really enjoyed it.

    2. It is most definently possible to convert her. If you put it out on the table that when you go fishing it will be something you can do together. Another way to go about it is to offer to do something that she enjoys doing if she tries fly fishing with you. But make sure that you are not the one trying to teach her to cast. It will just end in a fight and you won't get any closer to your goal of converting her. So have a guide or even a friend who is a good caster who is also laided back to teach her and she will respond much faster.

    3. Yes in a way becuase then you get what you want. You get to chase fish as well as spend time with your wife. You will be a really happy couple as a result of all of this. Also the bonus is she can't get mad at you for wanting to go fishing. Becuase she always has the chance to go its whether or not she takes it. So you are a winner both ways.

    Give it a try. I bet it will work.
  15. Mingo the Menehune stole my beer

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    try these, they go well with hip boots


  16. David Loy Senior Moment

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    Well now thats a show stopper.
    Don't suppose Mrs. Mingo lacks a tutor.
  17. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    To each his own I suppose but I'm with Jim Swan on this one. My wife could give half a shit about flyfishing despite me taking her along and putting her into fish. I thought I had my youngest daughter almost converted to FFing when she one day realized there were BUGS out there and no toilets.

    After 20 years of marriage and family life, I honestly look forward to going fishing as an opportunity to get away from them for some quality ME time. But about halfway through a day on the water, I find myself thinking fondly about them as I remember Dan Hicks singing "How can I miss you when you won't go away . . . ?"

  18. Desmond Wiles Sir Castaline

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    This may seem kinda funny to ask, but I've got a question for you female anglers, how does the bladder hold up? The thing that keeps my wife from going fishing, is she can't keep up with my watermelon sized bladder! I like to go fishing for the whole day, but if I plan on going somewhere without an outhouse, then she won't go. Speeking of birthday presents, maybe I should get her one of those bladder bags...
  19. Charles Beaver New Member

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    Hey man, I lived in Fort Collins for 7 years. Went backpacking last October had a blast. Caught alot of Brookies and Bows.

    I live in Greeley now.
  20. Prettyfly lurker at large

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    OMG... I love this thread... I sure hope my boyfriend reads this thread... Picnics on the shore, fine wine, the best flies... can you have romantical music? lol and if you really want to spend lots of time fishing on yours or her birthday bring citrinella candles and if possible organize someone to bring a special dinner for her complete with flowers. OoOoh.. a candle lit dinner on the shore under the moonlight.. *sigh*

    I've only ever fished with a spin rod and fly fishing is something I've only just picked up because of my boyfriend. But I really like it. I like the idea of us doing things together that he likes, so hopefully he will do things with me that I like. There has to be that mutual respect for each other and a real desire to incorporate aspects of each other into your lives. You both have to have an interest in the things you each like for it to work, not everything but somethings. And the only way to guarentee that she will be more accepting of it (if she isn't already) is to take her somewhere she is going to catch a fish within the first hour of fishing. Once she's caught a fish, she'll be happy and more willing to either go off taking photos (make sure you have lots of film or an empty memory card) read a book, or whatever. Bring camp chairs too if possible or at least a blow up chair and don't complain about having to blow it up if you want to stay longer LOL. Her comfort = your ability to fish longer.

    My boyfriend lives far far away, and the last time he came here.. I had to share him with his best buddy.. and the buddy didn't want 'girls' on their 2 week fishing trip.. not fair cuz I hadn't seen him for a few months too but.. that's their thing and I'm still new at it, but next time I'll get to go..