I wish my wife liked to fly fish!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Charles Beaver, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Prettyfly, I wouldn't say it'll always be fine wine and romance (though I have actually done that while fishing with a girlfriend, but was more a date for her then a fishing trip for me back then). You are correct, her comfort=longer fishing. I always have a heater (and extra blankets) when winter fishing. Plus all the ameneties.
  2. And what might THOSE be, inquiring minds want to know?

    Oh never mind, I just hit 2000 posts!

  3. Camp stove for cooking up the hot meal (during the winter, and sometimes during the summer if you're BBQ'ing on the bank), hot chocolate in the thermos, a bathroom of some sort (porta potty with some sort of screen to put around it), extra blankets (in case the others get wet), some snack foods. Hmmmm, trying to remember what else I used to bring (not including the heater, etc.). Found the more comfortable they are, more likely they'll go (or if they INSIST on going, the longer they'll let you stay and fish).
  4. Oh, I should add. Kent, you should've seen my driftboat back then (my old alumaweld). I remember taking one girlfriend, and literally had to tell my fishing buddy he couldn't go. Why? Because of all the extra weight I had in the boat with the "amenities". Luckily, I had a splitter off my heater tank that I hooked my stove into (still have that old coleman in fact in the garage). So saved on bringing another tank.
  5. Well no, not every fishing trip would be like a date.. but the first one should be special.. IMO anyway.. And wouldn't that just be so romantic if at first she thought it was just a standard fishing trip only to be surprised up the river or at a secluded beach to find a romantic picnic set up?... movies aren't just for entertainment.. they are for ideas...LOL

    Just got off the phone with the boyfriend.. apparently the 2 week fishing trip is the buddy's 'guy thing' geez... first it's friday night boys night now it's 2 week van isle 'guy thing' ... I better get the whole nine yards when we go fishing... or I'm just going to pout about it... lol ... Course.. the buddy's vacation time is much different now... hmm... I think things are about to change regarding this 2 week 'guy thing' fishing trip... hehehe...lol.. but nah.. I don't want to rain on their parade.. and my boyfriend called me every day on their last fishing trip.. I liked that almost as much LOL.. a little freedom goes along way
  6. Well, depends on how much vacation he gets a year. (unless he's still in school). He shouldn't be spending that much time. I know I put in quite a few weeks on hunting/fishing vacation (but I get more then the average blue collar guy gets). I always incorporate at least 2 of my vacations with the family, and part of those are just "intimate" girlfriend time (I have full custody of my two kids, so no wife anymore LOL).
  7. Good grief,I think that this site has gone to hell. We are all talking about taking the other halfs along for a day of misery. When the women get out there they act like little kids. Is it time to go home yet,the bugs are too many,where is the potty,I'm hungry. The list goes on and on. This is one of the reasons that I go off by my lonesome. Just to get away from all of the stupid questions.

    Boy I'm in a bitchy mood today.:( :( :(

  8. :hmmm: Looking' good out there Jim!

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  9. LMAO

    Holy.. is it your time of the month Jim?? *snicker* hehe

    Fishing isn't just a guy thing tho.. If it were as it once was 'the manly man I'm going to provide for my family' then ok.. you go off and bring back dinner. But it's not is it.. times have changed.

    If that's the kind of woman you've settled down with.. that's really sad for you. Not all women are like that.

    There's nothing a little OFF, big trees and protein bars won't cure. Quality time spend together means a better quality of life together.
  10. hahahahahahahahaha..:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  11. Holy crap! what is going on? I had to actually look again, after reading this thread, to make sure I was still on the WFF site.

    Chris, might need to create a "For Lovers and Couples Only" forum, or a "Dear Blabby" section...:rofl:

    Unbelievable :rolleyes:

  12. You gotta realize, fishing has alot to do with sex and other things. You talk about stiffness of your rod, how wet it is. Should I wear a raincoat? Stuff like that. LOL. So I'd say they relate.
  13. ROFLMAO... Hi5 to Jerry...lol

    Well I think you missed your cue not to look at this thread. Your own mistake. As soon as you saw "I wish my wife"... in a fishing forum, with that kind of outlook you shouldn't have opened it in the first place...lol :p

    I'm glad there are guys who want to share in their love for fly fishing with their women.. puts faith back into the minds of weiry women stuck with men who think of them as kids... ;)
  14. I'm guessing Jim's wife is smarter than he's letting on....she is probably appreciative of the 'time off' that she has when Jim is out fishing!

    Besides, give it up Jim - you're just being testy because you can!

    This has been a truly interesting string. I'm glad to hear how many women fly fishers there are out there.
  15. I've met Mrs Oldman, think she's glad to see him leave (LOL, just kidding Jim). He's just being testy. ;)

    I don't mind women fishing. Just as long as they're not afraid to do it (hate it when I have to do everything). Not a problem here.
  16. LOL well I guess it's a win win situation then.. Nothing wrong with that ;)

    Nah.. about the vacation stuff.. my boyfriend doesn't go to school.. he's a little more advanced than that ;) And after 2 weeks the boys get sick of each other LOL.. works for me.

    I don't mind going fishing with men.. As long as they let me do things on my own and don't constantly harrass me for 'doing it wrong'.. As long as I'm armed with the basics, I'm pretty much good to go. But if it's a big fish.. I sure hope he'll help me land it cuz.. he's got the pipes.. I've got the pipe cleaners ( :confused: a good example of the size of my arms) LMAO
  17. Now that's one quote that can easily be taken WAY out of context. :rofl:
  18. ACK!!!..... ahem..

    uh... RETRACT RETRACT...

    DOH! it's been read already...

    em... no comment..

  19. Well actually my wife does fish but she doesn't want to do the flyfishing thing. She's into Bait fishing(ugh) and my thing is fly fishing and brush busting when I'm in the mood and she's not. She likes to sit on the shore and fish and I don't. So there you got it out of me.

    And Kristen,I ain't spending anymore of my pension in your shop. You people won't let anything rest.

    And all the rest of you can kiss my skinny butt.:p :p :p :p :p :p :p

  20. Like i said earlier my ex used to like to fish as long as it was trolling for salmon. One day the year before we got the big D we were out on Possession Bar fishing for adult silvers. She was fine as long as the cabin heat was on, she had a paper back to read, and a cup of coffee. The rest of the fishing was up to me. Except for the fact that she always wanted to pick out the lure that was going to be on her rod on her side of the boat. Now most of what she wanted to fish was gaudier than a Philippine taxi cab and had absolutely zero chance of catching anything. I would dutifully run the thing down on the downrigger and would wait a reasonable amount of time and then would cut it off and tie on something that would actually catch fish. Well this fateful day she caught me cutting off "her" lure and replacing it with a proven lure. She very coldly said "why do you even bother taking me along if you won't let me use the lure that I picked out?" In a moment of frustration I blurted out; "because the only way that I can legally fish 2 rods if I have another person in the boat." You can see where this is going. I was now in the dog house big time and only escaped it because all 4 fish that came after that were on her rod and my lure.

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