I wish my wife liked to fly fish!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Charles Beaver, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Linda is an awesome fisher ahh....girl.....yeah...She dosnt like the cold (weather or water) and HATES!! the rain, but when she does get out for those two or three days that it isnt raining or cold, she does awesome. She caught a fish in the 'met before I did.


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    Girlfriend likes it.on the river
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    My wife goes fishing with me 90% of the time. I'm kind of glad she doesn't actualy fish although she has cuaght a few decent trout and a stelhead. A driftboat helps since she can read while I fish. Whe there is a decent hatch she runs the boat so I can fish on the move. To answer your question can you convert her? Who knows? I tried with a few prior to being married and wa 100% unsuccessful. No converting necessariy with my wife (except nasty winter comditions).

    Could you ever be converted to a non fisherman?
  4. ssickle1 Slow and Low

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    Here's what My wife does most of the time, front seat and beer drinking.
  5. Sisu Banned or Parked

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    Wouldn't of married her unless she liked the things I did. As a kid I saw my male relatives put up with the bitching about hunting and fishing from their wives, so I was determined to find a lass that liked the things I did. 34 years this summer we have been married and we still do a ton of outdoors stuff together(The dangerous stuff she quit doing some time ago and I know she wishes I'd quit too, but she'll never tell me so because I like it.).[IMG]
  6. Jerry Daschofsky Moderator

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    Congrats Sisu, nice to hear stories like that.

    I had just the opposite problem. I looked for a woman with similar interests. Thought I found one (parents told all about her going hunting and fishing with her Dad, and the family going "camping"). She never went hunting with me, but she did go fishing with me a few times. Once I put the double band on her hand, it changed fast. She refused to go fishing. Then told me "I really don't like hunting". Which was fine, but she made it all out that she wanted to do those things when we got married. Then, found out their "camping" was "roughing it" in a fully self contained 30' trailer. LOL. When I wanted to go on a hike/campout (which her family said they did ALL the time) she was repulsed and said "What do you mean there are no bathrooms?!?!?!". LOL. (which I was told she supposedly did all that stuff). So yes, eventually we divorced (and thankfully so, now I have the perfect woman :D ). Congrats on your story. Love to hear that. :thumb: :beer2:
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    i once taken my exe and my two year old daughter fishing well my exe would bait my daughters hook but refused to bait her own after a few times of baiting my exes hook i asked her why she refused to bait her own and she told me that sticking it with a hook was bad enough but to stick it with a hook and then drown it was just mean but once u put it on the hook im just putting it out of its missery.....after listening to this gave me a head ache and tought me maybe it is best not to take the wife fishing i never taken her after that
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    Welcome to the new women on this site. I've been wondering if you would start showing up - and here you are! This site is growing and it's great. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.
  9. Les Johnson Les Johnson

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    I fish regularly with two ladies; my wife Carol and her sister Rose. We probably fish at least 40 days each summer in northern Idaho and western Montana. In addition, Carol fishes coastal cutthroat with me and chunks flies at coho salmon at Tofino, other Vancouver Island places and the Queen Charlottes.
    Carol has enjoyed casting lessons over the years from Mike Kinney and Jimmy LeMert which have fined-tuned her casting to a point where she is a very accomplished caster and angler.
    I act as her ghillie, making sure that her lines are cleaned and reels are oiled for every trip we take; for a day or a week. When she is on the water however she is in charge of her own fishing -- and wants it that way.
    We'd go a long way toward having our ladies fish with us if we would simply consider them "fly fishers" rather than "lady fly fishers". We certainly don't refer to men as "male fly fishers"; just fly fishers.
    Once they've gotten started I am convinced that it is best to just let women fish. If they have questions they'll ask. When they do ask you simply give your best answer without being overly technical. Remember, this is just fishing; not brain surgery. Anyone can do it well in a remarkably short time.
    We would do well to lean on the flyfishing manufacturers to offer more items for women. They could use proper waders (cut to fit females), more boots in women's sizes, perhaps a few rods with smaller grips (JK Fisher used to offer a selection of "small grip" rods, not women's rods), women's wading jackets, and so on. Will this happen? Not accoriding to a rep in the Pagagonia booth at the Fly Fishing Show. When I said that I was looking for a wading jacket for a petite lady, not a small men's jacket, he said, "we don't care about women. They aren't enough of a market to be worth our time." This person was not a Patagonia employee so I figure that he was just speaking only for himself, not Yvon Chounard. I surely hope so.
    Good Fishing
    Les Johnson
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    I just started fly fishing with my husband last year. We have been together almost 20 years, and I always thought fly fishing was too hard. After I saw other ladies fishing, I decided to try. Once I tried it, I was hooked! No pun intended. Try to get her to just accompany you to the creek or lake, no pressure to fish. When she's ready to go, go and take her to lunch or dinner. It certainly has enhanced our relationship...something else in common. Good luck!!
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    Either she's tough or you're a whimp. All you give her is a life vest and you have on the waders.:)
    It is always nice when the little woman wants to be apart of your sport.

  12. Gettn2 Trichoptera

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    Giver her a sense of possession!
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    I took my wife on a guided trip for her first time out and she was hooked immediately. It was one of the best investments I ever made. Now we go fishing together almost every weekend. I get to fish much more than I ever did before and we get to spend quality time together doing something we both enjoy.
  14. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    This is a great thread and I'm so glad to have my wife fly fishing with me after all these years.
    I say I'll help with the cooking for the ladies fly fishing get together.
    Let us put it together.
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    My first wife hated fishing and wouldn't have anything to do with it. I was limited to about 1 trip a month and only for a couple of hours in the morning (including transportation time....) Needless to say we got a divorce.... A little over a year ago I got engaged to a wonderful woman. She knew that I liked fly-fishing, but had very limited fishing experience. So I convinced her to stop by Cabelas on a trip back from Utah. We picked her up a set of waders and boots and then went to the St. Joe in Idaho for a guided trip. The guide was great, taught her how to cast and put us onto some really nice native cutts. She was hooked! Now we both go whenever we have the chance, She has a better rod and reel then I do, and nicer waders.... Now she's asking me to show her how to tie flies!

    Scott Keith
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    Ok, you wimps; I'll say it! I think a lot of us fish to escape the "female" world. There's so much estrogen surging in my home that I love escaping to a testerone laden, "fish on" yelling, tobacco spitting day filled with inappropriate jokes.

    Flame me ladies...

    I kid, I kid....:cool:
  17. obiwankanobi Active Member

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    I don't have a wife or girlfriend..............HIGH FIVE!!!!!:thumb:

    Flyfishing all day long, all day strong and nothing to worry about!!!
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    Yeah Obiwankanobi you better enjoy that kind of carefree life while it last you punk:D. Sure its really great to have a wife or girlfriend, really great, but you will have to compromise the fishing and other hobbies once you have one.
    Actually my wife and I have a lot of common interest for the outdoor, it's just that she doesnt like to fish. She's small but tough, going through 3ft waves under a storm in our kayak doesnt phase her out at all, nor hiking for 5 hrs to the top of a mountain above cloud level...I really like that.
    I'm lucky with my schedule having some week days off, so I go fishing there, but weekends are almost always time together.
  19. SilverFly Ancient Steelhead Sensei

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    My wife did like to fish although she didn't do cold/wet weather. She was a quick learner though, hooking 3 summer runs on her first fly fishing trip and even managed to land one! We had a great vacation last summer up on Vancouver Island and she caught rockfish so fast I could barely sort them, - let alone actually fish myself. Between her and the kids we goofed and kept one too many so I had my son toss out the smallest (yeah, I know :rolleyes: :eek: ). While that's not something I'm proud of, it went for a good cause because it no sooner hit the water before a bald eagle showed up, - snatching it so close to the boat we got wet! My wife talked about that experience until she passed away from cancer late last winter. I didn't get to fish with her much, but I thoroughly enjoyed (and deeply miss) the times I had with her on the water.

    My fiance hasn't fished since she was a kid, but she also enjoys the outdoors and seems interested in learning to fly fish. While she will never "replace" my wife, hopefully we will have some new and wonderful experiences on the water together. Nothing beats being married to your best friend (especially if she's a gorgeous blond!).
  20. Gary Thompson dirty dog

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    Silverfly buddy thanks for sharing and good fortune you and your new best friend.