I wonder if this would keep my line floating.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by YAKIMA, May 1, 2013.

  1. You'll see it hitting a wide range of fly fishing products soon.
  2. Kind'a weird name... I wonder where it is made...
  3. If it keeps water out, will it let perspiration out. I see a lot of sweaty feet out there.
  4. Wow that stuff is amazing!!! The one with the gloves blew my mind. Could you imagine flies coated in this or fly line or waders. I mean the list goes on and on. Think how a boat would glide on the water.
  5. May not even need waders just coat yourself with it and "the seas will part"!
  6. Similar products have appeared in other threads in the past. Can't say I've heard from anyone who has followed up actually using it.
  7. My brother looked at pricing for that stuff, I think it is mind blowingly expensive. Like, hundreds of dollars of more for the system.
  8. So have any one went and check to see how much it is??? I know it said on the page its only good for so long in the sun. I wonder if you could spray flies with this stuff.
  9. It's in very high demand with a number of industrial users, so getting it to the smaller consumer markets is taking time. It'll happen soon however.
  10. So looks like about $160 will cover 60 square feet, which would be enough to coat 2-3 jackets. Seems pretty spendy, but then again Gore-Tex isn't cheap.
  11. I wonder if Orvis is looking into buying them out?

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