I wonder why we don't have Brown Searun Trouts here in the PNW.

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Alexander, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. I caught an Atlantic salmon at Plumb Landing on the Snoqualmie about 20 years ago. It was obviously from a net pen. The only Atlantic salmon I've ever eaten.
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  2. make my day , post a photo of Enlightened holding one
  3. Of course if they do run they turn into something like this!
  4. It's some of the toughest fishing I know. She's only managed one in the last three years, but it was a dandy. No pics. I had the camera across river. I think she still holds it against me for not swimming it over there, in November.

  5. The Trinity. There are some monster browns in there. They scarf up all the fry that the hatchery releases.

    I've fished for the browns, but never landed one. Caught steelhead and chinook though
  6. I've fished for and caught Browns in CO and MT, they are definitely savage! Fun to fish for with big streamers like large zonker patterns.
  7. Not sure where to find Browns in the Seattle area...
  8. Greenlake in Seattle has some monster brown trout, believe it or not. At least it used to . I remember seeing several very large browns caught near duck island off the bank when I lived in the neighborhood years ago.
  9. Ah yeah, but you probably have to troll for them...no? I want to target some attainable BT's on the fly. :)
  10. Anywhere that has browns, you can get them on the fly.
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