Ice guides fix (stolen from reddit)

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Vernish, Dec 16, 2013.

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    yeah I'm never going to apply that to my guides, would rather take 10 seconds to bust ice out with my fingers and teeth then apply that, look at the MSDS for that stuff! Would rather have my hands covered in borax from hucking roe
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    I've come very close to buying and applying Never Wet to a few products I thought could benefit from it but after doing quite a bit of research and reading lots of reviews, I've seen a lot of people say that it isn't durable and that the finished product leaves a hazy sheen.
    That being said, the hazy sheen isn't an issue to me on my rod guides, but with so many people saying that it isn't durable has me wondering if it would wear out it's usage after x-amount of casts with the line running over it all day long...
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    thanks professor! it was tuff but I used my knucle draggin, mouth breathin, neanderthal brain to puzzle out what you did there... I think it is actually you who needs to read more than the first 2 pages of the MSDS for Never Wet, then you might notice that some ingredients are actually toxic & flammable, granted it would take literally drinking the stuff to cause any harm. Oh and I actually passed o chem in college 1st try, sucka
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    No need to get your panties in a bunch. Just trying to show that the most mundane things are potentially harmful and that the MSDS warns about them. Saying "I'm never going apply that to my guides... look at the MSDS for that stuff!" when its about as dangerous as everclear isn't a great argument against it. Anyway, congrats on passing Ochem.
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    wouldn't apply everclear to my guides either... or anything that could potentially harm the environment. I'm already doing enough destruction with c and r
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    I find that wading in warm tropical flats seems to resolve the problems without the use of chemicals
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    Dip and Deal...a bitch sometimes but hey all natural! :)..... Mother Nature telling me do something else that day with my time! ;)