Ice thickness information for some Moses Lake area lakes

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. For those on "pins and needles" wondering if you will be able to fish next Friday I have some what ambiguous news.

    The east end of Burke is ice free but it may have some about 3/8 of a mile in. It was either ice or a slack water area. I did not have my binoculars with me. Martha Lake was ice free and is the same elevation as Burke and Quincy.

    The west end of the Quincy Lakes was still gated off, the same as Martha. I did walk into Martha as the walk is wayyyy shorter.

    I expect everyone benefitting from this info to "like" the post as I think if I exceed 10 likes I can get the tenkara dude to share his flask. Unlike how he hoarded his stash at the Lynnwood fly show. Greedy little bugger (not of the woolly sort).

    Now this does generate a random thought. Woolly bugger...... is that a person who favors sheep or strictly a sunken fly pattern? Hmmm.

    I'm planning on fishing chronies in a lake off the Quincy Lakes west end approach.
  2. tenkara...tenkara... tenkara... first like.

  3. Hey, McCloud, get off of my ewe!

    Maybe that one just doesn't come across over the innervents.

    Thanks for the update, I'm really hoping I can make it over. I'm starting a new job next tues, so it's kind of throwing off my schedule. But it means I'll be able to afford more gear, and more trips! Woo!
  4. Mr. Zen, I will now share my flask with you, not that I wouldn't anyway. I will also share my flask with anyone on the forum that likes this post and finds me on the opening weekend. I will now need to make sure I bring extra.
  5. Lucky 13.... taa dummm! I think I know where to find Ira. Now if I can only remember what color his boat is. I also have to remember to license my trailer on Monday. It expires/d in February.

    Now Mr. Ira, the question for you is, will you share the hot fly? Last year you seemed to have it and mine weren't even quite "so-so".

    <note: 10 likes on this one and Ira will share the hot fly> And... I still haven't heard from Mr. Tenkara.
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  6. I practically tried to shove patterns onto your line last year. If you find me I'll share ideas but I'm fishing with my brother who is fairly new to the sport so I may need extra flies for him. Although I can always tie more I suppose. Ok I'll share.
  7. I'm going to start off with a tandem rig. Your barrel bug on top and one of my chronies underneath.
  8. that should do it
  9. What's a "barrel bug" look like? Enquiring minds want to know.:confused:
  10. I'm going to target shallower water and fish the 6-8' deep stuff to start out with. The threads on fiberglass rods and the other on reels that sang got me thinking so I'll go retro this year with a 6 wt Fenwick glass and a Cortland Crown reel. It will be like 1974 all over again only with chironomids this time.

    I have no idea why I buy new outfits.
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  11. Yeah, I remember having great fun with my first 8wt Daiwa on 6" trout. I may stay away from the mids at first, just to see how long I can make it this year without putting one on.

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