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  1. With the opening of the Icicle and Wenachee My buddy and I were thinking of giving it a shot. If memory serves me right there are tons of access spots. My question: am I correct about the easy access to the water? Is the referenced barrier dam the one we see from US 2 west of Leavenworth?

    The rules change says:
    >> Wenatchee River: From the mouth to 400 feet below Tumwater Dam,
    >> including the Icicle River from the mouth to 500 feet downstream of
    >> the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery Barrier Dam.
  2. Usually the Wenatchee is open only to the bridge in Leavenworth. The dam in Tumwater Canyon is quite a few miles further upstream. Access on the Wenatchee is fairly easy - - unless there is snow on the ground, which sticks to felts and makes getting around a bit of a pain.
  3. i will be on the wenatchee next weekend
  4. From the Google Earth photos, yes it does look like the Tumwater Dam is the one West of Leavenworth on US 2. I'm surprised that it is open up there. There is some nice looking water just as long as you don't hit a car with your back cast.
  5. Yes, that is the boundary dam. The road-side bank is steep in this area and the river is quite a distance below the road so you're more likely to hit riprap on your backcast than cars. There is still lots of snow on the upper river so as Sg said, if you wear felt, it will make things interesting if not downright dangerous in the steep areas.
  6. that water is retarded fast in the canyon
  7. Yes and no. Many traditional access points are really on private property. As more and more anglers have descended on the river since it started reopening a few years ago, local landowners are loosing their patience with trespassers. In recent years, guard rails have been installed on Hwy 2 cutting off many road-side access spots and you will get a ticket if you park in the breakdown lane. Unless you know for sure that you are on public land (and there is very little of it), you'd be best to stick to WDFW accesses, bridges, road-side pullouts where you can get your tires off the pavement, etc.
  8. Anyone gonna be out there on Saturday? My buddy can't make it and I need another for the raft. Rowing experience preferred but not necessary if u let me swing a couple runs first!
  9. what part are you floating? monitor down is pretty easy rowing
  10. Cashmere down. Yup it's a cake float. I just wouldn't want someone on the sticks for me that hasn't rowed, harder to fish.
  11. I'm going to be in Leavenworth with my family week after next. Our rental condo is about 500ft from the water, so I might be able to sneak out early one morning. Think there is any hope fishing there?
  12. Insider informatiom from Reds from there information from WDFW
    the season will last about 10 days.

    Kelly Michelsen
  13. Good to know, I will not get my hopes up. I'll check it before I go.
  14. Brief Trip Report---Made the treck over the pass and spent a coulple beautiful days chasing. Logged about 16 hours in various spots from Peshastin up to Icicle Creek area and got one good tug---not positive it was a fish but I would like to think so. Talked to about 15 other anlgers and only one pair in a raft had a hit which they LDRed. I have still yet to land my first winter metalhead but feel I was fishing well--they just didnt' seem to be in there in numbers. I was using small dark leach style patterns on the swing and tossed some small stones and prince nymphs under the bobby in the holding spots. Anyone else have any luck and prove my observation wrong?
  15. Think slow water and slow presentations. With water this cold, I mean water so slow you can barely swing. I hit the Columbia for a bit yesterday afternoon and both of my takes were when my flies had basically stopped and I was essentially chironomiding.

    As far as "winter metalheads", the reason you didn't find any is because there are none in Eastern WA. Zero. All of the steelhead over here are summer runs that you just happen to be fishing for in the winter. In all seriousness, if you were fishing for them like you fish for winter runs, that might explain some of the problem.
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  16. Floated from Cashmere down both Saturday and Sunday. Didn't touch any out of the boat. Got one nice wild buck swinging some very slow water. Sunny and about 38 both days. one of the guide boats took two nymphing on sunday. but they really have the best spots for the boober dialed and they hammer it. Its nice to see it that low so I can have a better sense of where to swing kings in the summer!
  17. I will be there this weekend!
  18. I think the slow water you are mentioning is good reasoning/advice. The light take I thought I had came just at the end of the swing when the water was transitioning from walking speed to almost no current.

    Your probably right on the "winter" catorization too but it's hard for me to call these "summer" metalheads when I am plucking ice off my guides all morning ;)

    Reds posted a report with some photos, tips, and patterns today. It maybe worth checking out if your heading in that direction, or if you are like me, need an excuse to shout out a big Homer Simpson "Dohhhhh!!!!!": http://www.redsflyshop.com/blog/all-fishing-reports/wenatchee-river-steelhead-update-21113/

    Best of Luch this weekend troutpounder and thanks for the tips and other reports everyone.
  19. I am lucky. No need to 'head in that direction' - if I rolled out of bed too hard, I'd land in the river, LOL!

    BTW, despite the ice in the guides, last weekend was really warm for over here for Feb. My snow is all gone.
  20. Awesome! That means alot of the climbing will be soon into condition as well

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