I'd like to join a fly swap but don't know how to address the postage back to UK?

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Loopy, May 12, 2008.

  1. Loopy

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    Can anyone suggest a way that this could be worked out?

    By the way I am not a vey good tyer but would be considered an intermediate at a push. But an enthusiastic one never the less!

  2. Hi Loopy

    I just took part in an 'international' fly swap from the states, if i get my flies in the post i can advise you!
    It should be interesting.


  3. Loopy

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    Please do. I wish you luck.

  4. Just keep coming back here from time to time and someone may start one up. You can look at the gallery link in the top left, scroll down to find the swaps page and see some of the results from previous swaps.

    Here are some basic rules,


    and there could be more, as the swapmeister begins the swap. I could see where postage may be an issue since mailing from here, you'd need US postage for your return trip.

    If you happen to get in a swap, the easiest thing may be to go to the US post office site(www.usps.gov) and see what it would cost to send your package from the states back to you but then you'd have to submit US currency for the swapmeister to buy postage, since you wouldn't be able to over there.
  5. Ron Eagle Elk

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    I've run swaps with people from the UK and New Zealand with no problems. Just include a few US Dollars to cover the postage back to the UK. I've even taken some tying material in exchange for return postage.

  6. Loopy

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    Thanks Cruncher and Ron Eagle Elk I was coming round to that conclusion.

  7. Hi Loopy,

    I included a few $ to cover the postage, some fly tying materials (from what i understand) are not permitted to be sent to the states and vice versa.
    Just pop in the post office and pick up a few $, no commission is charged.
    I sent mine in a small plastic fly box in a jiffy bag, you should get them back in the same container,hopefully!