Idaho and Montana Roadtrip

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  1. Dan Nelson

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    My partner of 20 years, Donna, and I recently took our yellow lab, Sophie, on a 15-day road trip across southern Idaho to Southwestern Montana. We fished Idaho's Henry's Fork, and Montana's gallatin, Big Hole, Beaverhead and Rock Creek. We averaged about 3 days on each river, with some hiking tossed in here and there throughout the trip, too.

    We caught fish every day -- actually, day one of fishing at Riverside Campground on the Henry's Fork, Donna got two fish in the evening after we set up camp, but I was skunked. That was the only 'skunk' for either of us the entire trip.

    I had one 20"+ rainbow on Henry's but it jumped the net before we got a picture. Donna had a 18"+ rainbow on the Gallatin, and another on the Big Hole in the Canyon Section. I lost a huge brown on the Big Hole -- at least 20 inches judging from clear views of it as it tail danced twice in the current as I tried to bring it in. This was the first fish I had that required to palm a fast-spinning reel to slow down wo massive runs. The fish threw the hook about 10 feet from my net.

    Rock Creek, like all the waters we hit, required us to really work for every fish, but it proved productive. I had one Trout Hat Trick day, with a cut-bow (16"), brookie (14"), bull trout (12") and rainbow (a few 8"-12"). Donna finished with a 6-fish day our last half day. I finished in a stumble in deep water and the loss my of dry fly box --it was a sealed waterproof, two-sided box with over 100 flies. I hope some angler netted it and makes use of the flies inside.

    Photos can be seen on my Facebook site at:
  2. Rod Wittner

    Rod Wittner Active Member

    Nice report and nice pics, Dan. Thanks.

    ps, I've got 3 of the Vizsla dogs....
  3. Ed Call

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    Amazing stuff Dan, Donna and dogs. Love the photos.
  4. yuhina

    yuhina Tropical member

    very cool trip! the photos are wonderful!
  5. Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Active Member

    Great pics Dan. Looks like a fine trip.
  6. Steve Call

    Steve Call Active Member

    Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

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