Idaho trip days 3 and 4

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    DAY 3

    Today was a day for exploration. The wind was blowing with a vengeance. We decided to check out a couple of other lakes in the immediate area. As we were driving by the first lake, we were hailed by a group of youngsters from the local Air Force base. They had high centered their vehicle. They had said they had been trying to dig out for more than 2 hours. Unfortunately, we did not have any chains with us. We tried to pull them out using a rope, but that broke. Another fly fisherman had pulled up to fish the first lake. His rig had a winch. He got them out in no time. We said our goodbyes and went on our way.

    We checked out the second lake. It looked good, but the wind was still howling. We went back to camp and hung around getting our gear organized. We decided to give it a go around 8:30pm. As usual, the mosquito hoard was waiting for us. I started with a popper. The fish were giving me no love. I decided to see if the bass would prefer a diver instead. Using a steady retrieve, the bass decided to cooperate. I ended up landing 6 LMB before it got too dark to fish. Most were in the 12” – 15” range. Another guy in our group landed 5 LMB using a popper. The next day, I asked how he fished the popper. He said he didn’t. He said the bass hit his fly as soon as it touched the water. That is always a hoot. Hopefully we will get to fish tomorrow.

    DAY 4

    We decided to fish a different lake today. Upon arrival, we were greeted by choppy water and large swells. Since we arrived ahead of half of our group, I rigged up a rod and decided to play. I was having fun trying to cast a 5wt rod into hurricane winds. I did manage to catch a few small bass. I lost my fly in the rocks. I put a diver on my sink tip line. I did not get any strikes, but I did manage to snag the fly in the rocks. I was not willing to give my fly to the rock gods. I rigged up the pontoon and launched to retrieve my fly. Once that was accomplished, I decided to stay on the water until the rest of our group arrived. Luckily for me, the winds were abating.
    My buddy, Al, was fishing from shore. He was using a black leech and not getting any love. I suggested he change his retrieve. Within seconds, Al had a fish on. This was not a dink like I had been catching. When the first fish jumped, I thought it may have been one of the many carp we had seen swimming around based on its size. After a lengthy battle, I was able to net the SMB for Al. The Boga Grip said the bass weighed 4.5 pounds. I am not sure who was more excited, Al or I. That was a heck of a first fly rod SMB. My following cast rewarded me with my biggest bass of the trip. A 4 pound SMB decided my Simiseal Leech was on the menu for the day. By this time, the remaining members of our group arrived. The wind had calmed down quite a bit by then. They called Al and I on the radio to see if we were going to stay. The answer was a no brainer. We were going to hang around and try out our luck. Fortunately for all involved, the wind decided to give us a serious break. It turned out to be one of the two best weather days of our trip. Everyone managed to catch fish.
    Do you think Al is happy?


    I was catching a bunch of dinks with my leech. While rummaging through my fly boxes, I came across a pattern that had done wonders for meat this lake in the past. It is called a D.W. Minnow. The material to make this fly is no longer available. The manufacturer was getting too many complaints that the material matted. I have to agree that it does matt, but if it only mattes when catches fish, I can live with it. I immediately started to catch larger fish. I did not catch anymore 19” bass, but I caught plenty of bass in the 14” – 16” range.

    This is one of my favorite lakes in the area. There are plenty of different species living here. I managed to catch 5 different species of fish today. I caught LMB, SMB, bluegill, yellow perch, and a crappie. The rest of our group had similar results. Unfortunately for all involved, this would be our only day to fish this body of water. The wind made sure to keep us away. I hope to make it back to this lake sometime in the future.

    More to come.


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    Great! nice fish.. even the Perch is really pretty
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    You're getting luckier than we are with the weather. I've had a week off and it's stormed The cold weather has put the bass, and sadly the carp, off the bite. The fishing turned back on at the trout lakes, but lightning has chased me away everytime I try.
    Keep the reports coming, I'm living vicariously through you.
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    The bass have been lethargic, but I did manage a few on gear on Banks Saturday during the front. Slow moving baits twitched on the bottom was killer. Had a lot of refusals, but hooked into a few. Biggest was 3.5lbs.
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