Ideas for canoe storage or hoist?

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Mikey, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. I am planning to build/rig a hoist to store my canoe up on the garage ceiling. I know there are all sorts of hoist systems available for purchase out there, including one at Cabelas. But I'd prefer to do it myself. Does anybody have a simple hoist setup for a canoe or similar that they use and works well? Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks.

  2. I designed & built one for my pontoon boat using pulleys and a winch. I'm sure with a little thought, it could even be hooked up to a garage door opener. It makes it much easier if you can drive in with the boat on top of the car. I cannot. So I have to drag it in the garage, and hoist it up from floor level.
  3. Thanks for asking this question. I have the same issue and am hoping to hear what solutions people have come up with. I'm tempted to use the Cabela's system. But $80 is pretty steep for some pullys and rope.
  4. I used a Thule Box lift cartop carrier hoist for my pontoon, about $100 for it. Pictures are in my gallery

  5. Get a couple of heavy eye bolts with a wood thread point (not sure the exact term). Like a lag bolt with an eye. Get a set of heavy duty pulleys (don't need the fancy marine grade) and bend out the eye bolt and slip them on. Then bend the eye bolts back (can easily be done if you have a bench vise in your garage). Pre drill the holes in the ceiling where you want the bolts to go (a tad smaller then the size of the threading) and screw them in. I use a screwdriver, putting it through the eye bolt and then turning it like a crank. From there, it's up to you how you want to hoist it. Get rope, and make your cradle system. Rope should be of varying link, since the furthest most rope will have to be longer (most people don't take that into consideration). On the wall, you can either just tie it off to a T of some sort (marine grade, etc) or you can buy a winch for boats, etc to lift and lower.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I think I was overthinking this. Pretty much am doing as Jerry suggested and using a couple of cut dowels to rest the canoe on, like a trapeze. Almost have it worked out. Tony's thule system is pretty sweet, but I'm cheap. Right now I'm into it about 9 bucks using parts I had laying around the garage.
  7. As for connecting the pulleys to the eye bolts, those larger zip-ties work really well, then you don't have to open the eye on the bolts at all.

  8. I bought a storage hoist for my kayak at Sportsman's Warehouse. I forget the brand name, but attached is a picture. I think it was about $60.00.

    Advantages vs. designing your own: (1) I know the hardware, straps, and ropes are strong enough to support the boat, and (2) It's set up so I can raise and lower both ends of the boat by myself from the same spot.

    No financial interest, etc...

  9. That's pretty much exactly what the Cabelas one looks like. I'll have to take a look at Sportsman's when I go there next time.

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