Ideas for taking a newbie for Crappie, etc

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  1. I'm taking a first time flyfisherman out Friday for Crappie, etc. I was thinking Hutchinson Shiner Lakes near Potholes. I haven't fished for Sun fish in a while & I'd really like him to catch some fish. Any ideas for anything in Central WA? I'm in Yakima.

  2. Never fished there or targeted crappie. Oops all are walkin except #6. Sorry.

    From WaLakes website.
    I-82 Ponds (8 to 30 acres): These seven gravel pit ponds located between Union Gap and Zillah along Interstate 82 are open year around. Ponds 1 and 2, located between Mellis Road and Donald Road, support largemouth bass, yellow perch and pumpkinseed sunfish. Expect good fishing for small pan-sized perch and sunfish. Both Ponds 1 and 2 are closed to walleye fishing; Pond 1 is used as a walleye research project. Pond 3, east of Donald Road, has fair fishing for pumpkinseed sunfish, largemouth bass and yellow perch. Moving east, Ponds 4 and 5 are stocked with rainbow and brown trout, with browns to 16 inches caught occasionally. Fishing is fair for crappie and bass. Pond 4 is located at the end of Finley Road. Buena, or Pond 6, is located off Buena Loop Road, and should have good early-season fishing for stocked rainbow trout. Pond 7, east of Buena, has a fair population of largemouth bass. Access to all ponds except Buena is by walk-in. A county ordinance prohibits boats with gasoline-powered motors. Buena Pond (#6) accessibility Level 1. DP, WCT, Blk Tpa, level

    I-82 PD #1 (YAKI)
    Feb 27, 2012 Rainbow 2,496 2.6 Naches Hatchery
    I-82 PD #2 (YAKI)
    Feb 27, 2012 Rainbow 2,496 2.6 Naches Hatchery
    I-82 PD #3 (YAKI)
    Feb 27, 2012 Rainbow 2,500 2.5 Naches Hatchery
    I-82 PD #4 (YAKI)
    Mar 26, 2012 Rainbow 3,145 2.3 Goldendale Hatchery
    Feb 27, 2012 Rainbow 2,500 2.5 Naches Hatchery
    I-82 PD #6 (YAKI)
    Mar 26, 2012 Rainbow 3,162 2.3 Goldendale Hatchery
    Feb 29, 2012 Rainbow 150 1 Naches Hatchery
    Feb 29, 2012 Rainbow 2,500 2.5 Naches Hatchery
  3. go to rotary, you cant drop a fly in the water without catching a bluegill/sunny/small bass/ etc. myron has good fishing around the edges for panfish as well. and ive fished most the i-82 ponds and their all a good bet
  4. I was at Hutchinson not this past weekend, but the one prior. Fishing was really slow. Spoke to one gear fisherman who had caught a single bass in the morning, but nothing else. I kicked around in my float tube for a couple hours and didn't even see signs of fish in the shallows. I think it may be another couple weeks before things really start heating up over there.
  5. Thanks for the info everyone.
  6. Where is Rotary? Is that a lake? I was wanting to try some warm water species for the first time myself. I consider myself an excellent trout fisherman but know squat about crappie, bass, etc. . .
  7. rotary is between yakima and selah. kinda dirty gross lake i wouldnt eat anything from it but some good planted trout including some pretty giant brooders. good panfishing around all the edges with a bit of carp. theres quite a bit of little bass thatll bite, and some absolute monsters (5-8 lbs.) that are extremly finicky and skitish, only ever heard of a couple biting.
  8. Not sure where you're located, but Stan Coffin Lake in Grant county is managed for panfish and Bass. Right now catching Bluegills there is just a matter of stripping a damsel or soft hackle through the shallows or along a weed line. The Bass like big ugly buggers, leeches or meaty bass flies.
  9. Sorry for the late response, thats a bit farther than I would like to drive. Do you have any recommendations for a lake west of the Yakima? Im in Puyallup.
  10. Don't most of the lakes in that neck of the woods have warmwater species? Lake Tapps maybe?
  11. I think Lake Tapps does. Thanks. To be honest I just never hunted for them. Interested in eating some Crappie. Bass dont interest me. Just never have.
  12. I've found some crappie fishing wisdom in the posts by Iveofione.
  13. Haven't tried yet, but Ohop and Kowposin are supposed to be decent for panfish.

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