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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jordan Simpson, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Jordan Simpson

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    I've just recently been hired on to work at a lodge up in the Haida Gwaii area of BC and will be taking all my fly rods with me. I was just wondering what a good all-round salmon line would be.
    I will be tossing anything from un-weighted Decievers and big Crease-flies to heavy Clousers and Shock and Awes.
    I was thinking a versi-tip would be my best bet, but what brand and series...and why?
  2. YAMMY

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  3. YAMMY

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    What are you chucking into? the ocean up there or the rivers--beach casting or off boat?.Makes a big diff.If ocean casting for coho/springs then I used a Teeney TS 350 grain sink tip to toss to coho amongst the kelp-same for springs.Off the beach at Sandspit used a Rio Outbound line.On the Yakoun etc used floating line with single hand rod.
  4. Chris Bellows

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    get a shooting head system such as the rio max shooting heads with a running line of your choice. get a floating head, intermediate(upsize 2 line weights) and then create dredging lines with t-14 (25' for an 8 wt).

    it is the only way to fish both deep and on the surface and be able to cast the distances you will want. a versi-tip imo is a total waste of time for fishing the ocean.

    if you want the versatility of one "line" (reel) a shooting head system is really the best way to go. if you only wanted one line i would look at a rio striper 350 grain, it was my bread and butter line when guiding fly fishing trips offshore at neah bay... but it's not versatile like a shooting head system.

    congrats on the job.
  5. cb3fish

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    Good luck on finding one line to do all jobs. If you find that one line I sure would be interested :)

    Carl who owns over 200 hundred lines. PS what do you consider a big Crease fly?

  6. mbowers

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    What Chris said. I do like 30lb mono (going to try some 25lb flurocarbon with its hopefully faster sink rate this summer) for a shooting line when trying to get deep over the thicker floating factory shooting lines. Anyone try the Airflo Depthfinder BigGame integrated head up north? It's really long (150ft) and has a Power core (braid) for feel / hooksets. Looks like min recommended temperature is 20C though..
  7. Anil

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    For what you’re doing I’d have to agree with Chris.
    If you’re fishing from a boat, and you’re not going to do the topwater stuff, I agree again with his alternate recommendation of the Rio Striper. (most guys fish a 250 on a 6 or7, 300 on an 8 and 350 on a 9 weight)
    Your other option is to purchase a line like a ‘Striper’ then cut the line at the integrated junction, add some loops and away you go. I like the running lines on these and you would have a great start to a shooting head. Your next step would be to add some kind of floating shooting head to your arsenal (roughly the same weight as the sinking head) and you would be in business for surface flies as well. Some people are a little apprehensive about using an intermediate running line with a floating head, but you’re not casting dry flies on a lake. When you’re retrieving a popper, the last thing you’re worried about is your running line sinking.
  8. Steve Knapp

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    I liked the Outbound shorts a lot on my 6's, so I did what has been recommended here and set up my 8 weight with a Rio running line and Riomaxx II 30' shooting heads. Grain windows aren't exactly the same as the shorts, but in the ballpark. 3oo grain heads have been perfect for my 8. Worked great this past year, definitly happy with the set up.
  9. Jordan Simpson

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    Sorry, I should have stated that i am fishing from a boat. The running line and shooting head sounds like a good idea since the thinner line will cut water faster for sinking and then i can just loop the heads. I imagine i want around 30lbs for the running line granted the size of some of these fish. Are there any specific brands that would be good for this type of se up?