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Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Mstein, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. My dads coming out for Thanksgiving and I am hoping to put toghether a trip either bird hunting or fishing. Hunting wise, I dont have any experience and/or equipment. Before I start making calls to guide services etc, I was curious if anyone can recommend a guide within 2-3 hrs from PDX that would be willing rent equipment. Im not sure this is even an option but I thought I'd ask anyways. Fishing wise, I should be set. The ideal trip would be a day floating/fishing followed by a guided hunt in the same area Something near the Yak or Deschutes would be great as he has never seen the canyon.

    Is this realistic? Any ideas?

    Thanks agin,


  2. Mike,

    I'm sorry I don't have any personal esperience with upland hunting guides in Oregon, but if you google up "oregon hunting" you'll find plenty of game preserves within 2-3 hours of Portland that might be able to help. In fact, there is at least one (or more) very close to the Deschutes which offer wild birds in a huge area. If you contact them they may even be able to provide a shotgun. Maybe this link will be of help:

    Good luck, and I hope you and your dad have a great outing.

  3. Thanks Cliff, I was actually looking at that same site this afternoon. I've been looking online and have some numbers to call. Regardless, time out w/ my dad is long overdo...
  4. I talked the folks at Cook Canyon today, great people and it may work out. As it stands, we'll be floating the Yak for a day and may leave it at that. Depends on whether my Dad decides to bring the gun along with all of my moms luggage which if your mother is anything like mine, you'll understand just how much can be brought for a 1 wk trip... I may need to rent storage...

    Thanks guys, I've got the info I need for now...
  5. Check the flow level in the Yak before you drive over. It can get pretty skinny this time of year and I'd hate to see that pretty boat of your dinged up :):):)

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