If you could have one spey rod only...

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Leroy Laviolet, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. Which one would you have? Why? What do you like about it?
  2. MKS 7/8 small rod with a strong backbone able to pick up lots of line. Feels great with a fish at the other end.
  3. What kind of question is that to these Spey rod whores
  4. If I could have one rod only, I'd shoot myself. I'm one of those Ho's OMJ is referring to.

    One only? probably a 7/8 Highlander, 13'6" or 14'.
  5. Same one I have. Great stick! I'm torn between that one and a same rod but from Bob Clay at RiverWatch.
  6. Sage 8124. Best stick made to chuck Skagit lines and battle big fish with.
  7. :thumb:Hmmm...Tough man ! I shoulda said two spey rods !!!
    For me, My rod below , The Gloomis GLX greaseline 15' 9/10 .... My "G Smooth" stick .... Very nice rod- Rips tips fair well and loves the long bellie ! :thumb:
  9. If I could only have one I would TAKE YOURS!
  10. Hard choice but I'd have to say my Sage 7110 Z-Axis.
  11. Well, my goal when I got sucked into the two handed abyss was to start with one rod and do everything within my resolve to keep it to just that. I have the Z Axis 7136 and am quite happy with my decision. So far I feel no need for another two hander. Except maybe the 8-129. I've heard it rocks, too.
  12. Leroy...

    I'm hurt...you christened the Loomis from Poppy and didn't say anything? Tisk tisk...

    Have you christened the No. 3 yet??

    Spey rods are like 'tater chips or fried bluegills...ya can't just be satisfied with one!
  13. I've got that rod. Haven't had the time to spend with it to get a line dialed in yet. Some asshat closed the river before I could. On first test the line I had was a bit long and a bit light. I could tell the rod wanted a heavy line. Perhaps next year I can dial it in and see if it is as good as the 8124. First impression says it is to soft for big fish but I will need to put a steelhead on the end to be sure.
  14. Love my 13'6" 7/8 MKS, but I also love my LS2 1307. Next up will be a long belly rod. One rod just won't do. If a guy could get along w/ one rod, my "right tool for the job" mantra that I've been using w/ my wife would have to go.
  15. Skeet, what the Shit bro ??!! How the heck are ya ?
    Yup, the 3 is also unvirginized ! I didn't know you were over here !
  16. So I would have to ask if this would apply to switch rods as well? If so, that makes the decision very, very hard. If I had a bunch of kids it would be like asking which one I would keep if I could only keep one. I honestly can't decide.

    Kerry, I've been using my 8129 with an airflo compact 540 and it seems to like it very well. I bought it from someone who was using a 720 compact. It can take it, but the question is can you? I seem to prefer the lines on the lighter side. They still can huck whatever you want, but it's easier on your body. JMHO I think that rod can handle some BIG fish too. I just haven't had the blessing from the steelhead gods yet.
  17. I only own one rod but I love the thing. Part of me would like acquire more rods but the other part of me doesn't want to part with my darling. Scott ARC 1287, it does a little bit of everything.
  18. Just one rod would be rough because each of mine have individual qualities that I love and work best for certain times and seasons. BUT.... it would definately be between the Z-Axis 7136, LS2 1307, orthe BIIX78133. I have been fishing the Winston a lot lately and its quickly becoming my favorite.
  19. Also at the top of my list is a SUPER CHEAP St. Croix 12' 6" #7 three peice two hander that I picked up years ago for 150 bucks as a loaner for buddy's. The thing is like the best in the lineup excluding custom rods.
  20. One rod.........I'd chose my Meiser 12'6 length 6-8 wt highlander. Short enough to feel like a tough-o-war with a single hander, stong enough backbone to chuck skagit lines with big flies and sink tips. I use this rod more and more because I want to feel the fish. I also fish with a Sage 7141 and Meiser 15 ft 7-9 wt. Love these rods for the big water, but will downsize to my smaller rod whenever possible. Hit the sweetspot with skagit lines but capable of throwing a floating line with ease.


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