If you could have one spey rod only...

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Leroy Laviolet, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. ReidFamilyFive


    Leroy ........ Same answer to your other question. If I could only have one it would be the Burkie 8139-4 hands down. I can and do throw skagit, scandi and long belly's on this rod and they all are sweet! Dave
  2. willisbrow

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    I also own the 8139 and love it.. Been fishing it all winter with a 600 grain skagit and it rocks. The only thing i think it is a little bit big for a lot of the summer rivers. This is why i bought a 7134 burkie and it is amazing!!!. Scandi, Skagit, Shorthead all Rock on this rod. Its small enough to have a good time fighting smallish steelies but can also chuck heavy tips and big flies for the winter runs.
  3. For me it's my Loop Opti Power Spey 14', 9wt. 5 piece rod. With a Loop Classic 10/13 reel it is a thing of beauty,cast nice to. It may have some competition for my affections as I got a Yellow Line 13'2" 9wt. on the weekend which I plan to get swinging shortly.

  4. Salmo_g

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    Isn't this question just as pointless as asking, "If you could have but one fly rod, what would it be?" Hell, it depends where you fish, what you fish for, how you fish for them, etc. A 5 wt for trout, fine, but not for chum, and on and on. Does this poll produce anything more meaningful than a list of various people's favorite Spey rods?

  5. Leroy Laviolet

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    Wow, forgive the rest of us for being such idiots -
    Maybe you should move on to the next thread that is worthy of your presence -
    The idea was to get some discussion going about different rods and the characteristics of them, note the original post , I thought it was pretty obvious, guess you missed the point- It isn't a poll- It's the 5th most responded to thread out of 40 on the spey forum front page-
    Next time I'll ask you first if the thread topic is acceptable , you can be the "thread police" ...
  6. D3Smartie

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    Sage 8126
  7. Ian Broadie

    Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

    I would take a 13'6 7/8 MKS, it can be fished all year round, with nearly every line, on nearly every river anywhere :)
  8. Salmo_g

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    Fear not. There is no such thing as a stupid question. But there are stupid people.

  9. sashjo

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    Yep. Big problem to fear is that they are breeding.
  10. Leroy Laviolet

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    Wow, brilliant-
    Here's one for ya-
    " Better to remain silent and thought an ass , than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt " ...
  11. James Waggoner

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    I think an open ended question like this really allows a responder to determin for himself where and what species he likes to fish for and would be satisfied with if he only had that choice; Therefore, I picked a 7wt Switch, because I predominately fish for steelhead in small streams, like to skate in the summer and love to occasionanlly go after sea run cuts.
  12. DoubleL

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    Typically I don't feed the trolls, but this thread/question has led to an interesting overview of what type of rod people prefer for the majority of their fishing and I have enjoyed reading people's responses compared with where they are located. Just because this question/thread has no meaning to you, and doesn't have any interest to you, doesn't mean any of us give a flying squirrel turd that you feel that way. If you feel you could come up with a better thread then do it and quit whining.
  13. NomDeTrout

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    I personally like threads like this. Adds for some itneresting discussions. Plus, it's threads like this that a lot of newbies look for when looking to make a purchase. We newbies need a place to start for when looking at different rods preferred by peopel with experience.
  14. sothereiwas

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    T&T 1206-3 because it is so versatile and can be fished with a variety of lines.
  15. Leroy Laviolet

    Leroy Laviolet Aint no nookie like chinookie

    What often comes out of discussion like this is some pretty good insight on different rods and actions, some info shared via post or PM. Often times one will gain some insight without having to drop the coin blindly on a rod . Enough justification from me, the number of responses proves the value of the discussion -
    I for one have cast a :
    T&T 16' 11 wt.
    G loomis glx 15' 9-10
    guideline lecie 14'8" 9/10
    CND salar specialist 15'6"10/11
    guideline lecie 12'6" 7/8

    All extensively -
    Would be happy to give a review to anyone who is curious about any of them- I'm no pro, but have cast them enough to understand their traits and characteristics-
    The only thing cooler than discussing rods is fishing them:thumb:
    Last I heard discussion is what these forums are about -:ray1:
  16. Brady Burmeister

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    Even if it is just a list of various people's favorite Spey rods, what's wrong with that? Don't you think all these stupid people know it depends on the fish and the circumstances? Oh wait, was that a stupid question?.... No, no such thing...... Geez. Can't even make a list anymore.
  17. stewart dee

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    I like a Winston
  18. Leroy Laviolet

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    Stu, you kill me man !!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  19. Ringlee

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    Burki 8139 is my go to. Will throw big flies and big tips and it has seen it's fair share of crappy weather.

    My new Winston 12'3" 7/8 is quickly becoming the rod I am reaching for in the boat.
  20. Very curious about this one... What line are you using? Tips?