If you had these two rods and had to choose one line...

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  1. I don't want to buy them all to find out which is most suited to the majority of my fishing, so maybe you can help me decide on the one best suited overall line for both rods.

    I have a Z-Axis 590-4 and Winston BIIX 690-4. Used 99% nymphing and 99% river fishing for large trout, but the dries come out when the noses do. Pretty set on RIO (have had good luck, like dealing with them when I have issues).

    Here's the question:

    Have the 5wt Grand, like it, but have nothing to compare it to. Never owned a Gold, told I should be using it.

    Rio Grand or Rio Gold? (don't like the nymph line)
    5wt or 6wt?
  2. Since it's a faster 5 and a more medium-fast 6 I'd do the Gold in a 6. It's quite the good line.
  3. I am a big fan of the Rio Gold lines. Great lines that cast nicely. I don't own many new faster graphite, but I'd imagine they'd be good on those rods. I'm not a big fan of overlining so I'd probably go with a 5wt Gold and fish it on both. That's the route I'd go.
  4. I have the 590 Z. I tried the Rio gold and grand, a SA line, and the 444. Liked the gold the best. For the past couple of years It seems whenever I try several lines on a rod the gold comes out as my favorite.
  5. A used Gold came with a reel I bought last year. It was a 5wt and was perfect for my med action Sage Vantage 5wt. I thought it was great for both dries and nymphing. I have trouble keeping a lot of line in the air, and it helped. A 6wt should mate well with the z-axis.
  6. I own both rods. I prefer a 5 wt rio gold on the Z and 6 wt rio gold on the biix.

    I have tried multiple lines on each and prefer the gold lines on each of these rods.
  7. My favorite line for a Winston BIIX 490-4 is an airflow ridge double taper; My favorite line for a Winston BIIX 710-4 is a RIO Steelhead and atlantic Salmon for all around fishing; with an airflow 40 plus extreme distance a close second. These are lighter and heavier rods than what you are asking about but the line at the appropriate weight should be very similar on the same brand of rods---by far the favorite combo is the airflow ridge DT on the four wt. This combo will shoot a lot of line, and handle a large variety of terminal gear. I would certainly try to find an ariflow ridge to try. The only Rio Gold that I have is for a 2 wt. and I haven't used it on a fish yet, (waiting for June unless I can find a bluegill pond close by before then).
  8. I doubt a Gold 5wt will load the 6wt B2X enough. You probably already have the right 5.5 weight line to kinda-sorta make both rods work. If that line doesn't work, you need two different lines, and as suggested above, Gold 5wt and 6wt are good places to start.

    Honestly, those two rods are already very similar, so why not sell one? The Z-Axis is a tippy 5.5wt, while the B2X is a tippy true 6wt. Sell one, then get two spare spools for the reel and add a sink tip and intermediate line for the remaining rod.
  9. I don't understand this statement.....
    That goes against a true gear whore's mantra. While your recommendation makes perfect sense it is hard to justify that rational to a giddy gear whore. :D
  10. 6wt Gold it is. Most of my fishing in close in short line nymphing, so the heavier line really should be the better fit floppin' out the 'cator. Thanks for the help.

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