If you had to pick two and only two...

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  1. I think it is kind of foolish to limit oneself to just two flies but if I were forced to do so my I would opt for -

    A Haig-brown steelhead bee for waking - it is just to much fun not to have a waking pattern and if limited to one the "bee" has some history and has produced lots of fish for me.

    The other would be my own "winter sculpin"; essentially a modified muddler with a widgeon shoulder feather for a hackle behind the spun head in a mixture of black and chocolate to match the color of our winter sculpins. Has been an effective pattern for me and has accounted for my 5 largest winter steelhead.

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  2. 10mm & 8mm.
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  3. muddler and a skunk no question about it.
  4. I don't use beads, but that's funny!
  5. Summer/Fall: my own version of an October Caddis-type, Winter: my version of a pink marabou (I like it tied on a size 1 salmon/steelhead hook, don't really like lies with stingers...I feel like I should be casting those with a spinning rod or something, or just using a spoon....makes no sense, I know, but it is what it is.
  6. Hmm since my home river has salmon and steelhead both almost year around I'd have to pick the Undertaker & the Klickitat
  7. Greased liner and a Sol Duc Spey.
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  8. Black and blue hobo
    Lady Caroline
  9. The Lady Caroline's a complicated tie based on the youtube videos I've seen. Does any shop sell them? Waters West perhaps?
  10. 1. Purple/Black egg sucking leech tied by me in various sizes.

    2. Olive Skagit Minnow with some chartreuse touches tied by me in various sizes.

    The reason I say tied by me is that do some stuff to greatly enhance movement and add very subtle flash.

    3. If I had one would be a black foam dry fly skater of some sort.
  11. well foolish or not as to limiting yourself to 2 flies, it is a good way to learn faith in your patterns as well as profficiency my 2 favorites would be the blue charm in any format and haig browns golden girl which qualifies as both light and bright smitty
  12. Orvis Bellevue usually has them...
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  13. very interesting. i would have guessed more egg flies would have come up.
    but i like what you said Smalma about your Winter Sculpin. do you find yourself fishing it later in the winter, or right along from late November to April ?
    always have that idea each year of why fish so much of the bright stuff or so much black ?
  14. I don't what the hell I'm doing but....always catch something with each.

    Dark....Black Egg Sucking Leech
    Light....Royal Coachman Bucktail
  15. You can do it Alex, just put one of the tinsels on, the fish don't care.
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