If you only had one fly outfit...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Ed Call, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    Look at all your gear, full quiver, bags/boxes full of reels and lines or maybe you have only one or two.

    Question is, if you could only have one of your fly rod, reel and line setups what would you keep, what would it allow you to fish and why would that be your one?
  2. Calvin1 Member

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    9.5 ft 6 weight with a floating line. Great nymph and streamer rod, good for stillwaters from a float tube, and decent for Methow sized steelhead.
  3. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    I don't believe I currently own the one rod that would allow me to do most, if not all of what I would like to do. Crap -- thanks, Mumbles, for pointing that out and making me realize the error of my ways.

    I think a 9.5 foot 7 wt rod with a fighting butt might be what I would go to. Yeah, not much fun for MF cutties in the 6 inch range, and maybe a little overmatched for really tenacious Kispiox steel (not that I ever...), but it could cross over. Floating line with tips. Some sort of reel with a good drag.

    So I guess I have a few rods/reels and lines to sell so I can simplify.

    If it were only that simple...
  4. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    Easy question: I fish exclusively for trout, usually in Cascade and lowland lakes, but occasionally in basin lakes and the Snoqualmie forks.

    My favorite setup for the past few years is a Sage SP 8'9" 5-piece 4wt with a Hardy Princess reel and several spools holding a floater, clear intermediate, Versi-Tip, and a type 5 sinker. Are you saying I can sell all the rest of my gear and still be happy?

  5. Gorgefly Member

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    9ft. 6wt.
  6. Chester Allen Fishing addict and scribbler

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    My favorite fly fishing -- despite my love for sea-run cutts in Puget Sound -- is casting dry flies to rising trout. So, I'd have to keep my 4-weight Sage VPS....
  7. rainbow My name is Mark Oberg

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    Well If I only had one rod I wuld switch to only trout. And it would sage LL, Spl. or winston im6. In ether a 3,4,5 weight. Reel would be hardy fly weight or light weight Shit I have no idea. Im getting confused.
  8. D3Smartie Active Member

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    The rod i fish 99% of the time is the one i would keep. 690Xi2
  9. CLO Skykchromish Light Saber

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    6 weight from Sage, 5-7 weight reel from Ross, all line from Rio.

    Reason: Awesome products and life time warranty
  10. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    My TFO pro 9' 5wt. Because I only fish for trout. It casts like a cannon and I can fish just about any fly on it.

  11. gt Active Member

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    depends on whether i limited myself to a specific area to fish. so for example:

    stream fishing for trout - 3wt
    stream fishing for steel - 8wt
    boat or banking it for SRC's - 7wt
    light duty salt - 10wt
    heavy duty salt - 12wt

    but, since i like to mix up my fishing experiences throughout the year, a single rod simply won't work out very well for me any longer. that said, i fished for years with 'only' a fast action 5 and an 8.
  12. ak_powder_monkey Proud to Be Alaskan

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    I need 2 9 foot 8 wt and a 9 foot 5 wt, one for salmon one for trout
  13. Arthur Vakulchik Young Gun

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    ive been used to fishing my 8wt fenwick 9'0" 2pc rod for the past year. salmon, steelhead, puget sound, stillwater, and i even fish size 18 dry flies with it for trout in small rivers/creeks. so i think i could use that rod for just about anything.
  14. wolverine Member

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    9'-6" 6 wt with a small butt on it. I've got it in a Redington CPS salt version and it would work as a one rod, but it wouldn't be a lot of fun on the dink 12"-14" stockie trout. For a reel it would have to be my Islander IR4.
  15. Dan Soltau New Member

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    For montana:
    9ft 7 wt winston bllx, it can throw flies up to six inches with accuracy on a full sink but can also deliver small dries to picky fish with a floater. any nymph rig you can dream up and hopper rigs seem perfect.
    the reel, galvan torque 6. 5th season, roughly 500 plus days just on this reel and never a hick up. two spools, sharkskin gpx 7 and teeny galloup type 8 full.
    la redfish, tx largemouth, mt trout, wa steelhead, this combo is the sheet.
    rod and reel made in u.s. by americans, its not cheap but its worth it.
    if i didnt have an unlimited budget, it would be a 9 ft 7 weight vapor or flight with a ross cla 3 and rio versitip 7. altough i think it is best to go with an extra spool with a good floater and a sweet streamer line. under $600 for a setup that performs and feels very similar to the bllx.
  16. yuhina Tropical member

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    Amen! I will go after trout too! 4 wt fiberglass 5 piece 8' and a simple reel with a lot of backing that I can use for running down the big boys.
  17. SpeySpaz still an authority on nothing

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    12'6" 4/5/6 meiser spey rod, 3.5 Lamson Litespeed, and two spools-one dryline and one skagit....is that allowed:clown:
  18. mtyellowdog New Member

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    For the trouts:
    9' 6wt Winston BIIX, Ross Evolution 3 Reel, SA Sharkskin Line. That is trout medicine!
  19. Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

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    I'm mainly a small creek guy who ocassionally fishes other things (saltwater, steelhead, redfish). But if I was limited to one set up, it would be for small stream fishing which is my bread and butter. I don't own anything close to what's considered high end gear but my 7ft, 3wt Eagle Claw Granger XG rod and ~ 50 year old Horrocks and Ibbotson Sportcraft 60 reel have given me many enjoyable days out on the water.
  20. John Wallace Active Member

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    As the question is stated, I would have a 8'6" 7weight. A little light for some fish and a little heavy for some. But I could almost fish for any fish any time any where. I might be showing me age. When I started a 7weight was what you used.