if you want to hang a pontoon in the garage...

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by cuponoodle breakfast, Apr 29, 2012.

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    I saw these at the Snohomish Fred Meyer on Thursday. Looks like the perfect setup for hanging a pontoon boat in the garage.

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    They look identical to the Racor hoist sold by Costco.com. If so they have a 50 lb capacity. Probably not strong enough for a pontoon. Costco.com sells them as a 2pack /$30. They work great for bikes and I also use one for my float tube.
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    That is a very reasonable cost if the quality is ok. I paid $100 for a 120lb Harken block system to put a small sailboat up on my ceiling. The Harken system is exceptional quality, all parts off of their sailboat line, with breaking strengths well over 250lbs. I believe mine is set up with a 12:1 reduction. The packaging above says 100 lb limit.
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    Amazing coincidence! I just built my own lift and installed it yesterday. I had seen a bike hoist for $8 at Harbor Freight Tools and thought it might do the trick. Unfortunately it had several problems. It was very lightly built, making the thin line difficult to pull. Secondly, both sides of the boat didn't rise at the same time. This might be OK for a bike, but I store the pontoons, life vest, and pump on top of the frame, and having it ascend one side after the other tended to dump everything on the floor. After a bit of looking around, I found an alternative that really works.

    Harbor Freight sells something they call a 'Gambrel and Rope Hoist' for $13. It is simply a pair of double pulleys with a metal spreader bar (the gambrel). It was intended for hanging game, and has a capacity of 440 lbs, so a 'toon is no problem. I also bought 100' of 1/4" poly rope, since the line that cames with the hoist wasn't long enough. Add to that a 2" pulley, a cleat, a pair of Harbor Freight webbing straps, a few screw eyes, and the whole business cost about $35.

    I thread a strap through each side of the frame, and hook it over each end of the gambrel. This keeps the boat balanced so I can pile on the additional stuff and still hoist without tipping. The 4-part pulley system is easy to hoist.

    Simply hang the top s-hook from the roof or ceiling structure, and route the running end to the 2" block (someplace convenient, since that is where you'll be hauling), and then down to a cleat. End of problem. Note that the gambrel adds about 18" of depth to the hoist, so headroom could be a consideration if you install this under a low ceiling. Other configurations can be used (see YouTube), but this is far and away the simplest one I saw.
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    I went the same route as you, but I used two of the game pulleys, one on each end, the gambrel hooks perfectly across the frame, all I did was slightly bend the hooks out a little, and added rubber tubing to prevent metal to metal, this also allows me to get the toon higher to the ceiling, but I do have to raise one end at a time, but do not have a problem with stuff sliding off, I don't go up very far on each end at a time. I put my oars,motor, life vest,etc on top of the toon. I ran the line across the ceiling to the wall, and thru another pulley for each line, than down the wall. I put one cleat to tie both lines to, they go at an angle down the wall off the ceiling pulleys.
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    I built one last fall with two of the cheapo bike systems purchased off ebay for like $20 shipped for both. Lifts my 9' toon up nice and level no problem. It's great having it all assembled and ready to go but not in the way. Hung my bike with one as well while I was at it. :)
  7. cuponoodle breakfast gritty

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    The box in the pic I posted says 100lbs capacity.
    Today's Cabela's flyer has a similar system advertized for $50 or $60.
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    Thanks, that's good to know. There was nothing about wt capacity on the box from Costco.com. I was going by what they said on their web site. Sure looks like the same hoist.