I'll send you the special material swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Warren Perry, May 8, 2008.

  1. ill probably send out my cricket/stones tuesday
  2. Well i have 6 flies tied up. I'll get the last 2 cranked out soon. i just hope someone uses it and catches a fish.
  3. My local PO delivered the package today, they definitely put the Pony back in Express, I'll get to work on these soon as I figure up a workable fish catcher. Thanks for letting me in on this one :thumb:
  4. Just a quick update...

    Troutbuster, your beetles arrived safe and sound.

    RDL, glad you finallay got the hair.

    Looks like the rest of you are off to a great start. Remember the flies are due to me by the 20th of June.

    I am taking a short vactaion back to Maine and I will be back on the 12th. I will check the site for updates while I am back east (except on the 4th as will be in Fenway watching the BoSox)

  5. Have fun in Maine. i love it back there. Where are you headed?
    Got my flies done and will try to make sure i get them in the mail tomorrow.
  6. We are visiting family in Winslow and Old Town. No fishing on this trip bawling:
  7. mine are in the mail:thumb:
  8. Warren...

    How did you luck out and get Sox tickets? Saw the Rays, I see...great game! Who would have ever guess that a series with Tampa would have been such a big deal. I hope the whole family has had a great time. you must be getting in on the east coast heat wave I read and saw about over the weekend.

    Have six flies tied. Sure did a lot of experimentation before falling back on something fairly ordinary but reliable, but also have some ideas of my own to try out on the water later.

    This was a good idea.
  9. Flies go in the mail in the AM. Like Mike, I fell back on a fairly reliable pattern with a bit of material adjustment. Hope everyone likes buzzers.

  10. [​IMG]

    i hope someone will be able to skate up a steelhead with these:thumb:
  11. I'm home again and can confirm that D3's flies are awesome. They arrived safe and sound while i was back east.

    Ron - I haven't received yours yet, I am sure they are in route.

    Mike - Sue got the tickets on line, the game was great, it was a true Boston experience. the heat was'nt bad but teh humidity was almost unbearable.

    I am in the process of tying my flies now and will have them done by the deadline

    How are the rest of you doing?

  12. I made it about halfway through mine last night. I plan to finish tonight and get them in the mail tomorrow...
  13. Warren...Glad to hear you had a great time. I bet Sue had those tickets booked long ago, considering that the Sox have now sold about every single home game for well over three seasons running. I'm sure you've heard about the lack of summer-like weather up here. Hopefully it'll turn around soon.

    My flies are complete and will be in the morning mail.

    Please tell Sue and all that we wish them well.
  14. Ron,

    Your flies arrived today and they look great

  15. Thanks for the update, Warren. I've been hanging out with some lads from the UK and they catch a lot of fish using buzzers of various kinds.

  16. mine went out a couple days ago, havent been able to make the post til now.
  17. Thanks I'll watch for them

  18. Got them today, great tie

  19. Mine went out yesterday. I hope I am not the only one holding this train up...
  20. Mine were in the mail Saturday, so should be in Warren's hands today or tomorrow.

    Sure looking forward to see what you guys have done.

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