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  1. My view

    Fly fishing, in fact fishing in any form and it's participants are a microcosm of our society in general. We all have the same issues we struggle with in the rest of our live. Bias, discrimination, waste, egotism, arrogance, rude behavior, disregard for laws, etc.
    None of us are saint, some are certainly sinners. Should we continue our self-righteous grousing about others, NO.
    Fishing, from my knothole is an art. Practiced often enough, it transports me to a zen-like world where I'm detached from the bulls--t that surrounds me. I often spend hours that seem like only minutes after they pass. To take the time to pick apart someone elses practice of this art in assinine.
    I come here to learn more, to share experiences, and broaden my appreciation for the sport.
    I welcome others views and insights that make me think. I don't welcome their insults and judgements.
  2. Homer Simpson goes fly fishing!

    It's not good to laugh so loud while sitting in a busy office cubicle. Now THAT was the funniest thing I've read on this sight.
  3. Alright Whitey get off your whitey whiney wagon and get a grip man!! I have enjoyed all of your posts and do not have any problems interpreting your saracasm and fun filled computer lyrics. Who cares what other people say to you, your a grown boy and should be able to handle these adolescent emails that are threatening to extinct whitey from washingtonflyfishing.com. Stand up for yourself. Use your abalones or whatever they are called.

    I was kind of curious where you and your partner went to lately?? Seriously though, dont let it get to you. We need you to help keep this forum in line :WINK .

  4. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Well I guess that I will add my .02 cents worth. Of the rabbits that get killed for flies and the chickens for their feathers. You sound like you belong to PETA. And as for all of the vegetarians out there that have leather shoes and belts. And just what does all this have to do with fly fishing. This is a good site for info on this sport. It looks like from this post that you all want to get away from fishing and go somewhere else with this site. I think that if nobody answered you that maybe you will go away.

    Jim :MAD
  5. My view

    This is dedicated to those who rock hard! Hey look! I found a few more pennies, so two more cents from me! I agree with ALL here! Where is the love gang! I am glad we all take the time to express our personal thoughts, that is what makes us individuals! I respect EACH and EVERY one of ya'll, your beliefs, thoughts and theories, that is what sets everybody apart from each other! What I do, how I do it, what I drink, when I drink is all a part of me, I am not going to change it for anybody and I don't expect anybody to change for me! I fish, love to fish, eat meat, wear leather, donate to PETA, PAWS, DU, TU and the WSP (not by choice!) WHO CARES!!!! Take care of what you love, and what you love will take care of you! That's all! We all have our own ideas of what is right, as I said before! As a young bait chucker, an old man told me "Jackass, Never pass a good opportunity to keep your mouth shut"! Now, as an Older Jackass that toss's flies, I believe in ME! So, let's all hug each other, get in a circle and hold hands! (I am soon to be the most hated I am sure)! Do I care?! NOPE! Cuz I is me!

    Xstream! :DEVIL
  6. Great Topic, The veiw's does come out a little closer to home here. People are relating to them self's insted of some poor sucker like me!
    Good job.
  7. So, let's get rigorous! From my Websters, the following holds: To be ethical is to conform to a set of rules, where those rules define right and wrong. Rules that define right and wrong are called morals and violation of those rules constitute unethical/immoral behavior.

    Is catch-and-release (C&R) Unethical? Is catch-and-eat (C&E) unethical?

    C&R is clearly unethical if one believes that wildlife should be left alone, unless used as a food source. Under this definition of right and wrong, to put a fish at risk of death by catching and releasing it is unambigously immoral/unethical behavior.

    However, C&R is clearly ethical if one believes that conservation and enhancement of the natural resource is the greater good, i.e., worth the death of a few fish.

    C&E is clearly unethical, for example, if one believes that killing of animals for any reason is wrong.

    However, C&E is clearly ethical if one believes that the only justifiable reason for killing a fish is for food.

    I assert that no one point of view, of the ones cited above, has the claim to the ethical high road. To this end, I would admonish those of you who would make C&R vs C&E an ethical/moral debate. Framed as an ethical issue, the dispute can not be resolved - Neither absolute right nor absolute wrong exist.

    Framed as a conservation issue, the two sides can advance useful and informative arguments. Framed as a moral issue, the question becomes one of beliefs and is of interest only to the evangelical impulse in us.

    Speaking for myself, my personal preference is to favor activities that conserve and/or enhance the natural resource. I believe that C&R (w/ a healthy dose of Gloat) accomplishes this end better than C&E (but, see footnote). But my preference for C&R, and the assumptions upon which the preference is based, does not render C&E unethical or immoral.


    (Footnote) Ironically, without C&E we probably could not have C&R.
  8. Hey Jim, why ya gotta playa hate?

  9. scott, excellent post, another way to view the question posed the other day about hunters/fishermen. the bottom line is that no one is morally superior because they don't kill something with their own 2 hands. nearly everything we do results in something being lost or altered, whether it's habitat, fish, game, etc. though we may think that our hands are clean of the blood of fish/game because we practice c&r, or photography. somewhere along the way a price was paid, there was a cost. as for hunters not practicing c&r, as someone opined, i disagree. hunters practice c&r evertime the decide not to pull the trigger, release the arrow.
  10. What do I know---I'm just an old man

    Mac, Freedom of speech in America.
  11. Well gentlemen,
    I practice C&R because I really don't like the mess!

    I mean, you take this dead fish home then what? Ya gotta' clean it!

    Fish guts, blood, scales all over the place! yuck!

    Last time I recall I even had to swat away a hoard of wasps who keyed in on me and my fish mess, like moths to a flame! Really, I had blood, guts and scales all over me and just about everything on the darn patio, from waving off those stinkin' wasps!

    Yea, I'd say for me.....it's not having to deal with the darn mess that makes C&R so enjoyable, any of those other noble causes are more like a happy accident that add to the end result.


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