I'm doing something right--Coho #2 and 3

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jason Rolfe, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. I don't know what it is, but my luck has changed! Went 3-4 today (with one smaller one released and another lost). These were some seriously feisty fish--jumping and running and giving me the overall run around!

    1st one was kept, a nice ~5 lb hen.
    2nd, a smaller fish that I released.
    3rd, a big fish that I lost. But that was after a nice fight with 2 or 3 good, water clearing jumps.
    4th--best fish of the day! This thing was hot! Probably fought it for about 5 minutes. It was such an exciting take: I'd moved down the beach to the spot where I hooked my first fish yesterday. On the third cast I'm stripping the fly in and I see a flash behind my fly about 10-15 feet in front of me and BAM! Big fish on! This buck was running, jumping, you name it. Did not want to be pulled up on that beach. If I had to guess, I'd say it ran 8-10 pounds. Definitely bigger and tougher than the one I posted yesterday.

    I'm freaking out! This is so much fun, and such a relief after over a month of nothing.

    I'll try to get some pictures up later--they're on the girlfriend's cell phone right now.

    Sorry to be blasting the forum with all my "I caught a fish!!" reports, but I'm just super stoked and wanted to share again.

  2. Nice work man! Let's see some pictures! Are you fishing MA-10?
  3. Yeah, MA 10. Here's a pic...

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  4. Oh. And with a little Beverage I picked up to enjoy with them!
  5. Mind sharing your pattern?
  6. And one more thing--My weight estimations might be way off--I'm mostly basing those on other fish I've seen pics of, and how these fish fought. So if you look at them and I seem way off--sorry. You can probably give me a margin of error of 1-2 pounds.
  7. Chartreuse over pink clouser. Tied about 2-3 inches long with the red octopus hook as a stinger, size 4. Red barbell eyes. Nothing special.

  8. Thanks man, I really think the red eyes make a difference in my very limited experience.
  9. It's hard to tell size from pictures as they can vary so much based on girth. Either way they are nice fish! Well done and welcome to the obsession!

    Edit: After looking at the picture again I would guess 4-5 and 7-8 (but I'm no expert). The fight doesn't always match the size of the fish. My hottest fish this year was a ~6.5lb buck on my 6wt. Later fish of 8+ and 7.5 were not as strong of fighters.
  10. Well done Jason, keep posting those reports and photos. Glad to hear all your work is now paying off. The morning incoming tide will continue to be your friend all week long.

    The best judge of salmon weight in the field is to measure the Length (snout to middle fork of tail) x Girth (taken just in front of the dorsal fin) with a soft tape measure. You can input your numbers at the following website to get a good idea of your salmon's true weight:


    A 23 inch long salmon with a 13 inch girth is a 5 pound fish (fun to catch, a typical Puget Sound coho)

    A 25 inch long salmon with a 14.5 inch girth is a 6.8 pound fish (a nice sized Puget Sound coho)

    A 28.5 inch long salmon with a 16.5 inch girth is a 10 pound fish (a real prize on the fly rod)
  11. Wow, what an awesome website. I love the fact that that exists.
  12. Nice work Jason.
    Good looking fish, rod .......and beer!
  13. Cool to see a guy so pumped! Way to go Jason...
  14. Oh hell yeah!! Way to go man!!

    And don't apologize one friggin bit for the excited reports. Showing off how all your hard work has paid off is part of the fun. Besides I'd rather read these types of post ANY day over the usual "which five weight" " which rock should I stand on" or "indicator fishing isn't fly fishing" nonsense that is all over these pages
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  15. + 1,000 and he didn't get attacked by wolves while catching his coho.
  16. And THAT is truly a miracle. I thought about hitting the beach this evening but as I was walking to my truck our neighbors sheep dog trotted by and I panicked. Staying home was a much safer choice.

  17. Good job buddy, way to get after them!
  18. Nice work! I need to get back on the hunt!
  19. Solid! Good 4 u keeping at it. That's what it's about when it all comes together.
  20. Jason, so your are south of PNP?

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