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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by jessejames, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. We are looking for a new program for picture tweaking and storage. Not interested in a lot of "photo shop" features. What we want is a easy to use storage and tranferring program. We have picasa on one computer and I don't like it it so hard to use. Transferring pics is hard I guess I need something really simple.
  2. Hiya Jesse,

    I just have my own domain and use WS_FTP to transfer. No photo editing, just straight transferring with it though. I use Photoshop for editing.
  3. Perhaps you could expand a bit more what you mean by "transferring". Do you mean between your camera and computer? Between the computer and another computer? Between the computer and Facebook, Flickr, etc?
  4. Transferring... I don't have any problems getting the pics from the various camera to Picasa. What seems to be my big issue is sharing them. If we want to post to Face Book or to my blog or if I want to email or text a photo I am lost.
    Maybe it is just my ineptitude (is that a word) ineptness (whatever!) It is not easy for me.
    I transferred all the images to external memory sticks over the last few days because the computer is going away. When we get the new computer I was hoping to get some photo management that was more jesse friendly.
  5. I've been using Flickr for a while and have no complaints. Seems much simpler than anything else I've tried.
  6. Hope everything got stored
  7. I know what you mean Jesse. I find it frustrating that basic image sorting and manipulation is easier on my phone than on the $700 computer.

    I just asked my wife who is an IT manger. She couldn't think of anything beyond the app that comes with windows.

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