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    A friend of mine will be visiting Alberton, Mt around July. I live in Sandpoint and we have been talking about meeting somewhere to fish. We are willing to drive some if need be but would like to meet if possible somewhere between Alberton and SP. We have discussed floating the CF near St Regis as one of our options. Can anyone recommend some other areas that we should start doing research that is between Alberton and Sandpoint? We both will have our pontoons as well.

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    NF C'd lane, I have not fished it in a few years, l have seen a lot of good
    Kelly Michelsen
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    There is some nice fishing in the Thompson River east of Thompson Falls - more of a drive for you and a little less for him, but I fish it every year. Its a little work but it does not get the pressure a lot of rivers in the area get.

    PM me if you want to know more.
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    One of the saints, joe or rigis.
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    Anything north of Highway 2.

    Hey, the St. Joe is a pretty boring river. I wrote the Wild & Scenic River Management Plan for it!!! Trust me...there are more interesting rivers to fish....that are NOT Wild and Scenic. Or in the Joe's case...Recreational and Wild.

    If your unsure of where to go or bored the Joe is fine. Otherwise there is a lot more interesting stuff between Sandpoint and Alberton that hardly ever sees a tourist.

    Get the Forest maps and have at it.
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    Thanks all I appreciate the info!