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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by sandspanker, Aug 23, 2011.

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    So I am thinking of makin a trek over to the Grand Rhonde for a steelhead trip near my birthday. Mid October..So where do I start?? Any and all help would be very helpful. You can PM if you wish. Thanks
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    Couldn't you have arranged to be born in another part of the year? Around October 16, a number of steelhead fly anglers will converge on the Grand Ronde (no h), because they're retreating from the new hordes of bait fishers on the Clearwater River, which opens to all-tackle, catch-and-keep fishing then.
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    It's pretty easy. Mid October you just drive up the Ronde until you see about fifty fly guys working a run. That's where you start.
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    Just fish from Boggans to the Oregon border. And, as mentioned, expect company, a lot of it!
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    Mid October is a good time. Just be sure to bring your own rock so you have one to stand on! As might be expected, the stretches that are in close proximity to roads and bridges are most heavily fished, but the remote stretches in between get almost as much pressure from the floaters and guides' spike camps stationed throughout the river.

    Take a floating line and fish a size 6 Skunk or other small dark fly and you're good to go.