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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ptphisher, Aug 22, 2013.

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    3 month old responsibilities have had me sidelined for the most part this year, without asking for spicifics I am goin to have a chance soon to hit the beach and was wondering if some one might be able to direct me in a general direction that might have some fish to be caught. if so possible PM's would be greatly appriciated. I understand that we all must put the time in to find the beaches an that is why I am not looking for names just general guidance.

  2. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    Think of public beaches in your area, look for rocky bottoms, a pronounced point that will do funny things with the current when the tide is moving, etc. I don't know of any public spots in Bremerton, but I'd just google public beaches and see what pops up, then see what the beach looks like on google earth/maps.

    I think one of the fly shops over there also has some public beaches listed on their website.

    I'd guess that most of the beaches will have fish at one point or another.

    Good luck!

  3. Jason Copas Member

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    I can't help, but I can say I feel your pain. Mine will be 3 months Monday, but so far I have found very little myself. 1.5 mile walk back to a beach at 2 pm on a Wednesday and you would THINK the beach would be deserted, but not so! About 10 people there walking the beach...
  4. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    One thing to consider is these fish move around. You might get a tip that a beach is fishing well, but the next day it could be the dead sea.
    I've found fishing this summer to be a bit spotty compared to the last few years. I haven't fished nearly as much either, which may be the reason.
    Best advice I can give is fish good tides, early or late if possible and concentrate on beaches that have produced for you in the past.
    I believe that would be the best chance for success based on your limted fishing time.
  5. Jason Copas Member

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    Yeah, I know mid day isn't the best time. I've decided to try to hit a beach close to work during lunch time maybe once a week. So far no luck.

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    As SF said, it seems to be pretty spotty this year. It will be dead one day and I hear it fished great the next. Hell, last Sunday I got skunked in the morning (on a good tide) and only saw 2 fish to the beach. Monday I hit the same beach and heard reports of great fishing Sunday night. Dead again Monday with only a few fish caught.

    Sorry it doesn't help, but if you have limited time to get to the beach you're going to have to rely on fishing known good beaches and then have a bit of luck. I'm getting my @ss kicked this year...
  7. miyawaki Active Member

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    I see that you live in Bremerton. I would be spending as much time as possible at Point No Point.

  8. Russ T. Streamers New Member

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    I'm impressed that you are getting out with a 3 MO at home. My LG just turned 19 months and he is the primary driver for me starting to fish the salt this year. Beach is only 5 minutes away so I can typically get an hour or so of fishing in before he gets up in the morning. So far I've been getting skunked. I've seen a few fish jump, but haven't even seen one hooked yet at my local beach.
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    I've been in the same baby boat this year. Fishing has been a waste though. I haven't seen anybody catch a salmon all summer in the south sound. I haven't even seen one jump. This is by far the worst fishing year I have ever experience. Good luck.
  10. ten80 Active Member

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    Wow, that sounds dismal. This hasn't been a bad year for me and most fishermen I know; unusual and sporadic, certainly, but not a drought.
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    Thanks guys for understanding, I have really missed the beach, home is more important! I will try the usual haunts and hope they are there!
  12. totallycustom Member

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    Ten80- I think it's pretty bad around Tacoma. I checked the wdfw creel reports and last Sunday at pt defiance 500 fishermen were checked only 10 kings were caught. About a hundred pinks but that's not great too. Read the creel reports they are dismal.
  13. Fishee Member

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    I personally think and I might of said this before, this so called 1 point something billion of fish is a load shit. I personally thing WDFW is becoming or already is a major sales/marketing corporation.

    Don't get me wrong, go out and try and you will get your fish. But I don't think is crazy like they or I assumed it was going to be.

    But then again, give it another. I hope I am wrong.
  14. ten80 Active Member

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    I've caught most of my fish in Area 11, took a fair bit of searching though, but they are there in small numbers.

    Hopefully the south sound pink and coho numbers come up in the next days as yesterday was the last day for commercial netting in areas 8, 9, and 10.
  15. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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    They are and always have been paper fish until they show up.....
    The best six weeks of fishing is ahead of us.
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  16. Chris Bellows The Thought Train

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    6.2 million or 1 billion... not much difference ;)