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  1. Mark, just saw the videos.......I think you were further and better off sticking to underhand casting.......I see no economy of motion there, looks like you are trying too hard with the top hand, and all I see really is straight rod path with overhang.
    Now how about that video with a long belly waist deep with a real change of direction single spey????:thumb:
  2. Bruce,
    What great good fortune! By pure luck and your reference to the movie metaphor (I utilized The Da Vicnci Code), I have succeeded in deciphering the hidden message within the text of this thread. Here it is:

    Even Though
    Extra Thrust
    Extends The
    Effect (Through
    Energy Transfer),

    Evidently The
    Errant Thinking
    Ends The
    Enlightenment, Temporarily
    Eclipsing Truth.

    It was right there in front of me the whole time, I just didn't see it until you made reference to "ET". Thank you, sir! (I suppose it could stand for something else, but I can't imagine what...)

    If you'll excuse me now, my restraint straps are beginning to chafe, and Spazz jacked the last of the Baby Wipes.
  3. Greg, that's fun.... :D

    Easy Take
    Essential Toolkit,
    Elusive Torn,
    Enigmatic Torture,
    Ecstasy Thrust,

    and finally, Bruce, do you Eat Tilapia?

  4. Tilapia makes awesome fish tacos!
  5. ET= Extra Tophand
  6. I have researched this topic in depth, and here are the results:

    Exxtra Tatas.:beer1: cheers

    I mean, we have gone 13 pages on the first thread, 21 pages on this thread, and we still haven't seen the beef.
    Show some vid of the actual "revolutionary" cast being performed by you, Mark. Under ACTUAL fishing conditions.

    Seriously man. You are so full of it.
  7. Things were going so well, but we are at personal attacks again. Let's get back to actual discussion again, as this is really getting tiresome.
  8. Spaz if you don't like the way this thing is going why don't you quit reading it. You add nothing to this converstion. Mostly what I see from you is a demonstration of how little you know about casting, your social ineptness, and a need to belittle other's opinions.
  9. James, Kerry, I think you're wrong, though you're entitled to your opinions.
    I've made more actual contribution to this discussion than both of you put together.
    I've also questioned and belittled a stupid idea. I just want to see the beef. I suspect concepts behind the thread, question the logic, and want to see some proof that the laws of physics have been rewritten. I also want to see if this is a buch of theoretical hot air or whether Yuhina can back up his assertions or not. So far, not.

    Other attempts at starting flame wars with me haven't worked out well, pay attention to that pattern... but if you have something to contribute, let's hear it.
    I'll stay on point and topic.
  10. Speyspaz,

    We really can not afford a clean channel for discussion?, can we?!

  11. Thanks for quoting that before I had a chance to clean it up a little.

    I, Bruce and others are asking you to provide some proof of your theory, and you claim to have been effortlessly performing this revolutionary new cast last week.

    Some video proving that would clear the channel quite nicely.
    Unless your definition of a clear channel is spouting bullshit without being challenged... which I'm afraid I can't accommodate.

    Edit: reference post #298...You've backed off considerably from your position at the beginning of the read, where you were claiming a revolutionary new cast and a heretofore unheard of method of tightening loops. Now in #298 you're saying no, we misunderstand that, it's just a new way to DESCRIBE the cast... well, keep backing down, you're about halfway there Mark.

    Truth is, you'd like to be able to describe the effect of overhang on a cast using Wiki physics. OK, that's a very worthy goal and I can get behind it. I think eveyone would like to see that.
  12. Spaz, I am not trying to start flame war with you. I am expressing my displeasure with the way you communicate. Most of your posts appear jejune at best to me. You add little to the discussion from my point of view and I believe I am not alone. Perhaps you should re-evaluate what it is you are attempting to do in this thread. From outside appearances it seems you are attempting to discredit Yuhina and his ideas. To what purpose and what end? It also appears and if you are trying to make yourself look like some sort of expert in 2 handed casting. If this is true, it is not working.

    I am a fisherman, not a caster. I read this stuff to learn and perhaps improve on my abilities. I have been tossing fly line with a 2 handed rod for over 15 years and I still feel I can learn a thing or two. Although my bad habits are likely so ingrained I doubt anyone could help my casting. I don’t contribute much to a conversation like this one because I don’t spend the time to analyze each component of the cast like Mark and others do.

    I enjoy reading threads like this. I encourage people to push the limits of thought and action. This is how ideas are formed and innovation is created. If you want to challenge the idea, do so, but please leave out your sophomoric commentary. It does nothing to further the conversation.
  13. Speyspaz,

    First, If you can recall my post #, i have mentioned this is not your living room, so you need to say things carefully, if not respectful.

    Second, What people here are saying to you is a simple thing we say to a 3 year old kid "be respectful". same idea.

    Third, IMO. Be respectful to other opinions is the MINIMUM REQUIREMENT to enter this arena. That's where I am in my thread, this is not related to how much I WANT to put in.

    Forth, If you WANT me to put in more, you need to ask, and most importantly, you need to be POLITE... because I don't give things out just because you WANT it.

    Fifth, Do I provide my back up rational and logic behind the first post? Yes, I do, plenty of writings, videos, diagrams, and equations. (see #230 for summary if you feel there are too much "noises" in this thread). And because you did not get it or can't understand it, Does it means those efforts does not exist?

    Six, Yes, I can put more energy in this thread and explain more... of course I can and I will ... but you need to be more polite though... obviously now your attempt (s) is not impressive enough.:hmmm:

  14. Thank you, Kerry. Your post before this was a personal attack, which doesn't help your argument when you're telling me I'm personally attacking someone... talk about "sophomoric commentary". The irony is delicious. My social skills or lack of them, whether you like my style or not, and whether or not you think I am a good caster are really immaterial in this discussion. But I am happy for you that you found a chance to use "jejune" in a sentence.
    Trying to make myself an expert? far from it. I have quite a ways to go myself in casting. I think I've made that pretty clear here and elsewhere, but like you, I know what I know based my experience on the water, for my own considerable amount of time... And any new concept must pass the tests of common sense and practicality on the river. This one doesn't.

    Now, the issue of my motivation...let's expand that out a bit to include everyone. Conjecturing on others' motivation never seems to work out well, google "Primary Attribution Error" and you'll quickly get that point. I hope you believe me when I say I've been giving my motivation a hard look, and am not upset by what I see. I keep coming back to the basics. If it's a forum, everyone has a say-even those you disagree with.

    Yuhina is clearly a very intelligent grown man. What say you let him defend his concepts on his own?

  15. ...and you, mister, you need to show some vid. In my humble, misinformed, socially inept, sophomoric opinion. There have been repeated requests- polite, not polite, direct and indirect. What say you get to work on that.
    This board already has mods, you can relax and trust them- if ol' Spaz gets out of hand, be assured I'll be spanked. BTW, I AM in my living room.
    Happy New Year to you.
  16. Mark, I'm ready to accept this gift anytime. Just curious what you say this picture is illustrating. Thanks.

    My vote is for Erroneous Transfer, but Eat Tilapia is a close second.
  17. Came late to this thread, and was/am sad to find that it degenerated into something less than it could have been. Hope it gets back on track.
  18. Spaz, it is quite obvious giving any advice to you is worthless. Thanks for your participation. On to the ignore list.
  19. Well I'm always in for exxta Tatas!
  20. I'm not sure how my post was something to start a flame war. I was simply reminding you that we really like the discussion, just not the personal attacks. Also, there is nothing wrong with asking about showing the real meat, but tone is just as important as content.

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