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Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Dave Henry, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Christmas is coming and I'm in the market for some photo goodies. Time to get some actual software and stop using the free stuff. What is everyone else using? Besides the obvious, Photoshop.
  2. I use Lightroom almost exclusively. There are times when I need to do a little more work and take a photo into Photoshop but I would say 98% of my editing is done in Lightroom.
  3. PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS (whatever latest version happens to be)
    a LOT of well documented functions & manual/full edit options
    You can keep it simple , or grow into it
    Lots of free, additional support/instruction on YOU TUBE tutorials
    Probably $75-100
    A very good value
  4. iagree
  5. photoshop elements and photofiltre (ok its a free one but its good for me)
  6. iagree I also use lightroom almost exclusively and IMHO it doesnt get better... PS is alright for specific things... like skin tones and that sort of thing but for post processing LR is the best and well worth the $299.
  7. Thanks guys. Here's a dumb question. I will take a look at all of those programs.
  8. Another vote for Lightroom. They offer a student teacher discount for the full version. I think I paid $99 using my daughters college ID. You should know a student or teacher?
  9. Do a search for GIMP, a little learning curve but hey it's free. My go to programs are Lightroom 3 and CS4
  10. For quick fixes I use Aperture
    everything else I use Photoshop CS5
    This is all on a mac by the way
  11. Just for the record all of my photo editing work is done on a PC.:p
  12. Ditto here.

    Lightroom is the Aperture equivalent on a PC.

    Both programs are heavy lifters for those wanting to take their photo post processing AND file management to the next level. Not difficult to learn, but will take time to realize full advantage of their power.

    Photoshop is not as mandatory for those using these programs, as once was the case. But it is still the grand daddy of them all and a must for serious photo manipulation and graphics.
  13. I use Lightroom 3 is perfect for all my post work. I also have have CS5, but only use for major editing projects.
  14. Lightroom is an adobe product and is available on Mac and PC.
    Aperture is an Apple program and is very similar.
    I'm a huge fan of lightroom and it does almost everything for me. PS is only for silly stuff and final touches.
  15. Photoshop gives you the the power and ability to layer, lightroom/Aperture does not.
    Photoshop gives you the ability to add dynamic lighting, lightroom/Aperture does not.
    Photoshop can edit down to single pixels, lightroom/Aperture does not.
    etc, etc, etc...

    None of these could be considered "silly stuff" or final touches....

    Lightroom/Aperture coupled with some form of Photoshop create a complete image processing package....
  16. That's true, Photoshop can do lots of things LR cant.
    For me I don't need lots of layers. I am a photographer, not a digital artist so I look to capture my dynamic lighting in camera.
    Making HDR images and dramatic digital effects qualify as silly stuff, for me atleast. That is my opinion.
    Of course the LR+PS is the ultimate, be all end all limitless photo editing power but for the average joe a LR workflow will do almost everything he could possible ask.
  17. Very good point...
    In my mind I was thinking photo editing from more of a graphic design standpoint. Lightroom has everything you will need to control, catalog and edit your photos...
  18. Another vote for lightroom. It is worth it.
  19. anybody use ACDSee? i've heard good things and am thinking about giving it a try.

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