In-touch or other low-stretch lake line reviews?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by troutpocket, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Well I recently recieved a in touch camolux as a warranty exchange for the welded loop on my old camolux from letting go :(. I am hoping to get out and test it, i am wondering if the lines are cracking because that part does not get lubricated from the water? As for a line dressing maybe this should work.
  2. Yep Red I already have that sink fast but I wouldn't want to cote a hole intermediate with it, It works darn good for making your line sink "FASTER" I use it on tips of sinking lines that wont keep up with the heavy belly sink! Maybe I can put it on in the winter and it wouldn't bother the sink rate to much in a couple months just help protect it - but I really don't know.
  3. Of course, you can make a floating line by dressing it, or make it sink faster.

    Loon needs to make a buoyancy neutral (ie no affect) version...

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