Increase sought in net catch of steelhead

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    What are the chances that this whole net fishery will be shut down now, given that the unexpected harvest of 20,000 fish contains ESA listed chinook? The tangle nets on the Columbia are allowed to kill 15% of the listed spring chinook. State biologists, according to the PI, have gone on record as follows regarding the Makah catch:

    "State biologists say the catch likely includes wild chinook stocks protected under the Endangered Species Act, and could limit seasons this summer by non-Indians in the ocean off Washington and inland marine waters."


    Much of the chinook catch in the western part of the strait is typically of foraging Columbia and Snake River chinook. Anderson said that the catch very likely could exceed the allowable impact and thus limit options for summer fishing seasons.

    If the impact was greater than 15%, can we expect the Columbia fishery to be shut down? Then the 3 fold increase in allowable steelhead bycatch becomes a nonissue, since the fishery won't be prosecuted.