Indicator or Not?????

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by fsbii, May 29, 2002.

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    I am often amused by folks (except when they start to get cranky) who like to use their fly outfits to fish in a way that is not strictly flyfishing (a perfectly acceptable practice, at least to yours truly, who indulges in this type of behaviour often), such as trolling a fly (behind motorised boat or floattube), adding some kind of implement to their fly like a small spinner, or scent (or a beadhead), OR fishing with a bobber, then getting all defensive and hurling accusations of snobbery (or stuffy purism) when someone points out that what they're doing isn't exactly flyfishing.

    Whew, that was a long sentence, but here's my point. Calling something flyfishing or not isn't a value judgement, but it apparently means more to the chap who's about to accuse me of snobbery than it does to me. I all the time use beadheads, occasionaly troll from my float tube, and have from time to time hung a wet fly under a bobber, sometimes on still water. I'm perfectly at peace with myself over it, but I'M not the one who feels a need to call it flyfishing. Who's the snob? What after all is wrong with bobber fishing, especially in the hands of a master making the rest of us look like tyros?

    I'll admit that I prefer to catch fish by actually flyfishing (using a fly rod, reel, line and fly that more often than not imitates the appearance and behaviour of a natural food organism, but more importantly is either riding the forces of whatever current is available - including none, or is manipulated entirely by my own hand, without the aid of any "device" like a spinner or undue weight - including clouser eyes, which I use all the time, OR a bobber as an aid to hanging a chironomid at a precise depth). But as just mentioned, and as above, I'm all the time doing something else. I've no trouble with any of it; call me what you will. However, since I understand that words have meaning quite independent of what I wish them to mean, I understand that what I am doing is not strictly flyfishing.

    And since I am not the snob (except perhaps when it comes to language), I have no reason to call it flyfishing.
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    Indicators have their place. I'll sometimes use an indicator (usually a 12/14 emerger to which a bead-head nymph of some kind is attached) when casting across the current to a deep, long run. I seem to have trouble casting yarn and/or styrofoam corks.

    In my experience, fish seldom seem to be attracted to the indicator fly. But I believe using an indicator fly is more successful than yarn/corkie/etc. Probably because the latter is unnatural.

    However, when fishing pocket water I *never* use indicators. I just drop a weighted nymph at the head of the pool, keep the rod tip high and move it with the drift.


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    Please check your email fishnfella. Chris
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    That kind of BS is absolutely uncalled for. I imagine Chris will be in here soon, but I couldn't help butting in to call WEAK on that.

    Now I'll tell you what doesn't ammuse me. People who subject others to their own low self-image by boasting, issuing challenges, and calling names from the safe anonymity of an otherwise great bulletin board.

    I don't know, maybe you guys are actually best friends and this is some kind of joke I don't get. Otherwise fishnfella: go off and become the greatest flyfisher in history; just leave the rest of us out of it.