Indicator or "not"???

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Golden Trout, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Coming into the game late...but after doing a search and finding nothing there a good reference on "how" to fish with an indicator? I am new so I apologize for the goofy noob question.
    I get the concept but it still seems awkward to me :(
  2. You know that is actually a good question. I'm not sure if anyone has ever really taken the time to write it all out. I just recently took my brother out fishing for steel and he is a good fisherman in general but he is a gear guy with only a small bit of fly experience. He could cast fine but after watching him for awhile I realized that there was just something wrong with the way his indicator was floating. He is a fairly good visual learner so I had him watch me and my indicator while I fished because for the life of me watching him I couldn't exactly place what was wrong with his drifts. As he was watching I started to think of all the subtle things I was doing to fish the indicator through different slots and it was amazing to me the constant action. It reminded me of when I first learned to drive and how I would over compensate when taking even small corners but now I don't even think about it. When I drive now I am also making constant adjustments but I just don't notice. So how do you learn? Reading about it might not be the best way to figure it out. You may also need to watch someone do it right. If you are just in general looking for how to set up an indicator system to fish for steel or whatever, let me know and I can type that up for you.

    There will be a lot of people on the forum that will tell you that indicator fishing is easy and they may even use the term cheating, but I just personally doubt that very seriously, it is as much of an art form as swinging or anything else for that matter.
  3. Go to Youtube and look up indicator fishing. I'm guessing here, but you can find just about anything on the site. :)
  4. Thanks Ira, let me YouTube (thanks DK, I always forget about YouTube) some info on it and get a general gist. I was curious as I see the little neon balls and couldn't quite wrap my head around how you would use them, but its making sense, just one of those things like your brother found out by observing.
    Basically a slip bobber that gives enhanced visuals on whats going down under the surface, that's a simple view but I am sure there are a ton of subtle nuances that occur between cast and strike.
    I am a global learner, I take it all in bit, but I guess doing is the best way overall.
    Thanks and please allow the regularly scheduled indicator discussion continue unabated :p
  5. Agreed!
  6. going to use the indicator more this winter. as a change of pace and to learn more on the method.
    have the float & jig down. many nice fish to hand on that method.
    i like using thin wire hooks when doing float & jig. hook sets are much better. so i need to find fine wire fly hooks to use with indicator and fly line. it should work the same as float & jig.
    it all sounds fun though.
  7. Why not just use your jigs?
  8. I tried that bobber thing; I just couldn't get a good swing out of it.
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  9. You weren't adjusting your mend well enough then and pulling line out as the indicator drifted. At the end of the drift I always straight line the drift and let'er swing. Sometimes I'll even dead drift swinging flies under the indicator and then let them swing, best of both worlds. FYI, I get that you were just being funny Jeff.

    My biggest problem with indicatoring though is that my indicator keeps dipping under the water.
  10. SET THE HOOK!!!!

    That's what I was recently taught anyway.
  11. Oh, I do unfortunately I have to then deal with line ripping off of my reel. How annoying.
  12. Yeah! That's the same problem my brother & I had fishing with those things. :)
  13. Anybody can swing, takes zero talent....i swing most often simply because i am too lazy. setting up adjusting etc etc from one rock to the next hole etc etc too much for me, but its a true art, you can pickout a holding area, rather than blindly swinging stepping swinging. i will say, the swingers are the best dressed and the most fashionable, myself excluded.

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