indicators in fly only water?

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  1. I Know in fly only water like the nf stilly you are not allowed to use shot on your leader but the rules don't say anything about indicators... Is it legal?
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  3. Dude! Even I don't and wouldn't do that. Bros get mean about that kind of thing. Plenty of water to rope chromers, let the purists have their glory strip. Besides they get crusty when I'm roping them and they are skating some dry fly that will like only work on the full moon of the third trimester.
  4. yes you can use bobbers in fly only water, trust me, i'm from the interwebz
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  5. This will certainly cause a lot of discussion on the forum, perhaps this was the purpose of the post.

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people who make jokes about this topic but a lot of really wonderful people have dedicated their lives to protecting some of our best waters in the West. And if you talk to them, they will tell you that they did not intend for people to fish with heavily weighted flies and bobbers in these famous stretches of river. The point wasn't to catch large numbers of fish. Not saying that watching a bobber go down isn't fun...

    I don't have a problem with people using indicators, I really don't care. Steelhead are hard enough to find. These kinds of arguments are akin to hunters who take pride in bow hunting instead of using a rifle. Using a bow is a lot harder, takes more skill, takes more time, results in fewer harvested animals, but there is a certain pride that comes with doing things the old fashioned way. Fly fishing the swung fly is no different.
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  6. I was asking if its legal or not
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  7. It's legal- but you won't make the cover of the WFC newsletter, and April Vokey won't respect you
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  8. i stand by this statement, plus wdfw said it is ok and they are always right. just look at the hoh river steelhead and springers
  9. That is true.
  10. Screwing your buddy's girlfriend is legal,But many people frown on it & may think less of you if you do it !
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  11. my thought is that with the slide and all maybe people should lay off those fish until the whole thing shakes out
  12. Lay off the hatchery fish or the wild fish that swim up Deer Creek and don't even swim (or spawn) through the slide area?
  13. Thanks for clearing it up for me. I am kinda new to this river and didn't understand the history behind the fly only designation.I have been swinging flies out there this summer with some success so I will keep doing that:)
  14. Guides throw glo bugs under bobbers, you're fine.
  15. Fish how you want within the regs...One day you may enjoy swinging the next time you may want to indi fish, with shot or no shot, next dry dropper whatever. Others who can't bring themselves to fish any other way than swinging, good for them. I no longer find it enjoyable to cast an indicator rig, but I've indi fished the heck out of waters, even in the salt for sh!ts and giggles, I'd rather strip a streamer at this point in my game, but if tomorrow I felt like a two nymph rig under an indicator I'd do it in a heart beat where allowed.
  16. In Washington may be legal, but check the regs in Oregon...not so much on certain river(s) and time of year.

  17. Besides the fly only stretch of the NU is there any other water where indicators are prohibited?
  18. If you want to nymph, the NF stilly is small enough you can tightline / czech-style dead drift heavy nymphs and lead eye spey-style flies (aka the fly version of jigs) through most slots and around log jams and structure easily with no indicator.

    Is fishing with an indicator and no split shot on Washington fly-only waters legal? Yes. Is it a damn slap in the face to the oldest fly fishing river in the U.S. of A. and to the pioneers who fished it like Roderick Haig Brown? Yes.

    You can barely know how to cast 20 feet with a single-handed rod from wal-mart and still catch steelhead on the swing in that river, assuming you're fishing where the fish are. Why bust out the bobbers?
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  19. Well..... I totally agree with you 100%

  20. I'm thinking I'd like to slap me some faces! Why are we doing this dang indicator/swing thing again. The superiority complex that some swingers have is down right hilarious. You just don't find indicator fisherman self righteously continuing to put down another group of fisherman. Why is it so dang hard for the swing crowd to understand that many indicator fisherman don't indicator fish just so they can "put themselves up some big numbers", but instead they do it because that is how they like to fish, it is how they enjoy fishing. I for one would rather fish with an indicator than anything else, I love the constant mending, feeding line, watching, staying in-tune with every little thing that river has to offer, working each slot, eddy, rip, etc... in its turn, waiting for that indicator to pause, twitch, turn, dip dive and then setting the hook up and waiting breathlessly for that moment of contact with life below. I understand it all at that moment, I experience the sight fishery of a swung dry, the head shake of swung fly and then the fight all in one. It is how I prefer the art form of fly fishing for steelhead.
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