indicators in fly only water?

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  1. If you talk to a lot of the old timers on that river you'll find thst the whole indicator thing is pretty frowned upon, and not what they had in mind for that rivers designation.

    No one can MAKE you not use a bobber....but if
    You're fishing a river with some of the grabbiest fish around, maybe give swinging, greased lining, dead drifting, or skating a try. Expand your repertoire and become a more confident all around fly fisherman. If you're bobber fishing that river I think you're selling yourself short of the whole experience. Deer creek fish chase flies down on the swing. Don't you want in on that?

    The tug is the drug, right?
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  2. That is why I spelled it "river(s)"....not sure if there is "another" in Oregon ;)
  3. Sounds like nf stilly is definitely not the place to indicator fish even if it is legal. The reason I brought it up is there are a lot of holes with weird currents that make it not really possible to swing. I guess a weighted nymph or jig like fly dead drifted is what I will try next time! Sorry for starting a shitstorm with this thread I'm kind of a newb and didn't realize how people frowned upon an indicator on the nf stilly

  4. Did you not read my post? No, I don't want in on that and for me the tug is not the drug, it is a drug, one that I feel after I hook a fish with an indicator. I've expanded my repertoire as you say and have done it all and believe it or I guess not in your case I like using indicators, once again, more than anything else. Why is this concept so hard to believe? You must be young.
  5. Not that young. 34

    Maybe my opinion of fly only water has been shaped by fishing side by side with some of the old timers that worked so hard to protect thst water. Maybe standing next to Mike Kinney and others even older than he while fishing runs that have a history as old as summer run flyfishing in Washington has skewed my opinion on what these fish and thst water deserves. I like the idea of tradition. I also like new school intruder fishing, but I really like the idea of doing things the way the people that put their souls into protecting that stretch of water wanted things done.
    I used to live in a friends house ON the Stilly right below deer creek. Before that I spent 3 summers from June 15th to August 15th living in a tent on their property so I could fish that river 14 hrs a day seven days a week. I love that river more than I can express to you or to anyone. I would snorkel it, fish it, confront poachers on it, bring women on dates to its gravel bars, and talk to every person i could about its traditions. I met Alec Jackson on the gravel bar below deer creek, and listened to him expound upon why he liked to use gold hooks at twilight. I listened to people who have fished that river faithfully for over 50 years tell me about the way it used to be, and YES, my opinion about that fly water has been shaped by those peoples opinions.

  6. Well then you are doing it wrong, and not really enjoying yourself like you think you are.

    Personally, I only hook steelhead while skipping my skater across the top of the water. If the fish hits it while it is actually touching the water, then it doesn't count.

    Is how I fish any more difficult than how everybody else fishes? Of course not. Its just less effective, and how I think it should be done.

    Flyfishing any other way is fking lame.
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  7. Travel far enough back in time and there is no such thing as "tradition", therefor I believe it is a myth created by those who want things done their way. This is what I believe, but I do not for a second begrudge those who like the idea of tradition and choose to practice there form of tradition/beliefs I do not believe though that those who follow tradition are in anyway superior to me in their believes. Sounds like you had a great time on the water those years and I can see how you would pine for things to stay the way you envision them. I get it and would be happy to share the experience the river with you. I have my own rivers that I revere and parts of the Stilly make up that collection. I honestly believe that there is room for multiple thoughts in this process. I have time this summer, I bet we could teach each other a thing or two. Maybe a North/South kind of thing.
  8. I refuse to post in another steelhead/indicator thread.

  9. Oh sop, here we go again. I will fish with an indicator there when I get the chance and I will not feel like I'm disrespectful because I'm fishing in a legal way enjoying my time on the water. I will not let a small handful of traditionalist for a second ruin that for me. They may have been a vocal minority but there was another majority that pushed for the rule change as well, only some didn't get their perfect wish of what they envisioned.

    No sop you can not "roll" into my property and proceed to get blazed, it is not legal, but honestly I wouldn't really care. Goes back to that whole no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

    I love that you say you don't want to belabor the discussion yet you keep it going anyway. Tacky and classless, classic superiority/self righteous rhetoric that is somehow said to make me less of a man or a fisher. You "Nailed It". As far as knowing it is a cultural no no, I know that some people frown upon it but I don't believe for a second that even close to a majority of folks believe the same thing. If people are honestly this up in arms about the whole thing then start your petitions now to get the rule clearly changed stop beeatchin about and do something about it.
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  10. Try this rig, you can nymph fish under an indicator and finish with a swing at the end. Kind of like your all in one rig (if you put a hook on your yarn indicator you'll even have a dry fly in there;)). But for real, soft hackle flies at the end swung can yield some really nice results.

  11. I'm always down. Honestly, I get what you're saying about complicated mends and constant attention to line control, although on the NF Stilly i don't think the seams are that complex. I don't begrudge anyone the way they get their kicks ( I used to fly fish the deer creek run high on acid...)
    On any other river nothing bothers me at all about nymphing etc etc. I'm not a purist at all, I just can't bring myself to use a bobber on the NF Stilly.

    A north/ south trade off would be fun. I can put you on the beach sight casting to fish so picky that permit fishing seems easy :) also it's TUNA SEASON and MAKO SEASON!!!!! Bring a 12 weight- and the biggest damn reel you've got
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  12. Ira could catch a mako under an indicator.
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  13. There is some heavy mind blowin concepts being layed down here !
  14. I bet if you tried you could knot up that 15" of indicator line enough to make it look kinda like a bobber.
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  15. I bet if you add a few more blood knotted flies to that rig it turns into a gill net once it hits the water
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  16. Back to the original question

    Some responders have stated definitively that indicators are legal on flyfishing only waters.

    I'm curious what is the basis for this.

    As I read the regs, the language is " angler may use ONLY the following tackle ... Flies... Fly line... Backing.... Leader.... " and not "fixed spool reels ... Bait... Weight attached to the leader or line". ...

    In flyfishing only waters an indicator would be something that is not among the ONLY items that are listed and allowed above.

    What am I missing here? Or am I overthinking it?

  17. P.s.
    My question is not about taking sides, it's an issue I have raised before in another context.

  18. I suppose you could get around it by using the indicator lines if you wanted
    I asked the warden on the Stilly about bobber fishing one day a few years ago and the way they interpret the law is that since it isn't expressly forbidden, it's legal
    Even the N Umpqua has relaxed its strict policies on the fly only water- sink tip lines allowed.

    A sign of the times i suppose.
  19. I can't speak to the wording in washington's regs, but Oregon has many fly fishing only waters and most allow indicators. If you look at the regs for the fly only stretch of the North Umpqua it explicitly outlaws things that are allowed on all the other "fly only" waters.

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