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  1. I am looking for a relatively inexpensive reel that can handle medium sized tarpon. The reel will go on a TFO BVK 10wt and needs to have a backing capacity of <200yds. I realize that this is a long shot and that in all reality I should be prepared to fork out some serious $$ to have a reel of the quality needed to tame a tarpon but I just don't have the scratch at the moment for a new Tibor, Abel etc.
    Please let me know if there is anything out there that would suit my needs.

    BTW: even better if it has backing and a 10wt line ready to go!
  2. What is your budget? That might help with responses as well.
    And for what it's worth, the Redington Delta works great for small to medium sized tarpon. A guy who works at my local shop told me about them as a good medium sized tarpon reel- says he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it. Not knocking Redington reels, but he said for a reel at that price he was completely surprised when he saw it land numerous small to medium tarpon on his last trip and it performed flawlessly.
  3. Have a Saltwater Series Lamson [not the cheaper LP4] 400 new.In good condition/flat black anodized.hese were made just before Lamson was taken over by age et al--in good condition.I have used it as a freshwater Spey reel--no salt exposure.ill ell for 200 plus shipping.Backing included.
  4. Why don't you try the echo ion reels. Probably the best reel for $100.00. I have two for my switch and spey rods.

  5. Steelhead swim at a max of 18 MPH plus/minus river flow.Tarpon take off at about 48 MPH-that is why less precision and balanced reels just blow up usually on the first run--then what-I wouldn't recommend an echo ion for Tarpon or any saltwater fish such as bonefish/permit /jacks etc.
    Just my 2 cents worth after chasing the above for over 25 yrs.
  6. I saw a Ross SW III on one of the boards for a good price. That would be an excellent choice for your needs/price range.
  7. Find an SA system2 12/13 (a 10/11 might fit your stated specs), more than ample backing space and a decent disc drag, These reels have managed many tarpon over the years. You should be able to find a used one for $100 or a new one for $200.
  8. The Ross Big Game is a relatively inexpensive reel and while I have never caught a Tarpon, I have caught many big Dorado on one and they hold up pretty well. You can pick them up for under $250 used and send them to Ross for a quick "go through". Then you have a pretty servicable reel at a low end price.
  9. I have a Redington AS 13/14 I'll let go for $125. This is a 4.5 Ø x1.5 w sealed drag reel that has never seen salt water. If you know the history of these reels, they were out selling Orvis so bad that Orvis bought out Redington with the stipulation they could not make reels for three or four years years. Orvis then cleared out all remaining stock, no warranty, through their outlet store just to get rid of the competition.

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  10. Thanks for all of the input guys; I am headed to Florida a LOT sooner (Tuesday) then I thought so it seems unlikely that I will get a reel in time for this trip and may need to borrow one from a friend down there. Please keep posting as I am HOPING to get back there again in June for the peak of the season.
  11. Steve,
    The BG's are one that I hadn't thought of; thanks for that suggestion. I am talking to a member about one now!
    Thanks again.
  12. Sealed the deal on a BG6 thanks for all the input everyone!

    Klickrolf mentioned SA System 2 reels, mrfc.com has them listed at next to nothing; I know they are a fairly popular spey reel.
  13. You will like the BG - 6. I have two and they have caught a lot of fish. They're really solid and have a lifetime warranty regardless of whether you are the original owner or not.
  14. I wouldn't go to Florida (at least the Keys) equipped for just "medium sized tarpon" as you first posted. My biggest there was north of 150#, and I have broken two 12 weights in the process.
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