Inflatable Drift Boat

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Old406Kid, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Saw one at the NRS showroom in Moscow. It would be awesome for fly in trips to AK or other remote areas.
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  2. I have been watching this product every since I saw it at a show about a year ago. A brother duo out of Montana were able to pack this boat in on mules for an intense back country fishing experience. They have videos of the inflatable drift boat in action as well as a review, if interested.

    Their video production company is called Montana Wild.
  3. I will probably get chastised for this, but NFO is introducing an inflatable drift boat for 2014. Lighter and easier to put together. Down side, I don't see any lean bar and I know I need one....heck I need any kind a bar ;-)
    I knew about this boat earlier this summer, but I know nothing about the features, just sharing the news
  4. Unfortunately, that's simply a raft. The thread is actually showing an inflatable "drift boat". If you pull up the link, you'll see it looks just like a drift boat. Just that the hull is inflatable instead of glass, aluminum, or wood. Click on it. Pretty interesting looking. But for the price, I'll stick with my hardsides.
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  5. You are right. I read drift boat in the Youtube and shared it.
  6. Oh I thought you said inflatable poop, my bad.

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  7. Actually the most innovative design i saw was Willy's inflatable drift boat/raft hybrid. Was an aluminum piece set up like a drift boat. But was designed to have a raft, without thwarts and floor, inflated around it. Like putting a tire on a rim.

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