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  1. Just got done testing a new pump, it's excellent. Filled all 3 chambers of one 14' x 22" RMR Cat tube in 3 minutes. Best thing is, it's battery powered!
    I tested it last night to find out how long a fully charged battery would last; recommended not to exceed 10 minutes of operation, then rest for 10 to allow it to cool. I ran it for 9 minutes, didn't feel warm but rested it at least 10 minutes between run cycles of 9 minutes each. It went 5 cycles of 9 minutes each and ran out at the 6th, 8 minutes and 15 seconds into it. Total run time: 54 minutes. Recharge, less than 40 minutes.And that's the small battery,they make a bigger one, but it's $89.
    Initially bought as a weed trimmer, works great. So when my Craftsman 3 HP, 125 PSI compressor quit runnining I bought this to air up the truck & trailer tires.
    It'll fill a float tube in seconds. Only downside is the hose is 12" long. I adapted the 30" hose from my cheap Caddis hand pump to it.
    For those looking to fill their float tubes or big inflatables like cats and rafts, these are the ticket, no ac or 12V to mess with.
  2. PSI is immaterial, SCFM is what you want with low-pressure inflatables; It's 6.9 SCFM. About 3X the Outcast pump @ $89 that's 12VDC.
    0-150 PSI if you're wanting to do your truck/trailer, it'll handle it.
    On the high side, it has a digital gauge; you can set it for 32 psi and it'll shut off when it hits that point. For low PSI, not recommended.
    Note, this will not top-off your tubes it you want them drum tight, I'll use the K-Pump for that.
    I'm going to buy the Impact wrench for removing wheels and running up/down my trailer stabilizers. This ONE+ sytem battery rocks.
  3. That's a good one. Just saying if you use cordless tools, these seem to work great. Not trying to say it's better than yours. I do like the cordless feature lots.
  4. Indeed, that one wins for mobility. Having to blow up the air mattress with the hood up on the 'Yota does look a little Whiskey Tango.
  5. Very interesting, I have Ryobi cordless tools and could use a mobile inflation device. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. If I have power available, the Big Blower is hard to beat. Blows up a full-sized rafts in no time. The Big Blower actually sucks air out if you reverse it over the valve, which deflates very quickly as well (if you want to store in a box or something).

    If no power, for simplicity, reliability, and top-off capacity, the K-Pump works great for me. Though it make take a little longer than a battery operated pump, I have had mixed results with the battery operated ones. You generally have to use something else to top off anyway so I chose to just take one that does it all.

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  7. If you have 120VAC, nothing faster than a ShopVac in blower mode. Just adapt the end down, pretty simple.
    I posted this to emphasize an option for where one doesn't have ready access to 120VAC
  8. Robert,

    I heard good things about the Ryobi but have never used it.
  9. After the POS Craftsman cordless tools have taken a dump & Sears won't honor their own 1-year warranty, it's time to go elsewhere. The ONE+ Lithium batteries are incredible. See how long they last..............

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