Info for gun owners for upcoming WA election

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  2. Alex MacDonald

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    Great article, thanks Tom! Reagan Dunn's a member of our cigar & whisky club when he can make the drive over from his place in the Teanaway; he's a great guy, smart, articulate and dedicated. Inslee, on the other hand, well... I too, have ridden my bicycle up Badger Mountain road, but didn't try to get my name in the paper for doing it.
  3. Gary Thompson

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    I can't hardly stand it.
    I'm going to retire on Sept. 28th and I'm headed to MT for a couple of months.
    Fish and hunt til I can't stand it or until it's to cold to stand it.
    I'll get my voting by mail.
    Vote to keep America free
  4. Skysoldier

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    That's awesome Gary I hope to follow your example in a few years ;)
  5. Alex MacDonald

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    Wonderful, Gary! Congratulations, and good hunting!
  6. Jim Ficklin

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    Good article. There's a reason Inslee left the east side & that was indeed a shame. We had just gathered enough feathers, the rail had been delivered, and the tar was almost warm & fluid enough to apply . . . but, that was the last time he disappointed his former eastern Washington constituents . . .

    Enjoy God's Country, Gary & congrats on the retirement. I think that I'm on the "80-years-old & out" plan.
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  7. papafsh

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    As far as gun issues are concerned, I cast my votes for the same reason I have a CWC permit, as though my life depends on it. Good article and thanks for posting it ribka.

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    Love it! And I thought I was the only one advocating the return of a fine old tradition.:D